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Ask Your Govt 8

Ask Your Govt

This is just an idea as of now. Lets call it “Ask Your Govt” where community can ask questions and vote on questions. Questions should be non personal and relevant to the community. If a question gets a certain points (or up votes if you like or retweets). “Ask Your Govt” will raise...

Geeks and Embarrassments 1

Geeks and Embarrassments

I have been a geek forever, mostly embarrassing friends and family around me. This time I did go a step further. It was meant to be something really personal. But then when I told what happened she was embarrassed. Of course she likes most things I do. This time too a second later...

AaronSwartzPIPA 2

RIP: Aaron Swartz

I got to know more about Aaron while using I think he built it during his stint at Reddit. In fact I am such a big fan of that I use it everywhere including at myswar. I used to follow him on his blog and then his work at DemandProgress. He...