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Do you moderate your own tweets?

Posted by Thejesh GN On October - 6 - 2009

There are both positives and negatives being on twitter. I get to share interesting stuff, like live pictures, articles, posts, ideas, travel experience etc. I also get to read. I have got so many great answers to my questions, that i reach to a twitter client as soon as I have a question. Its special while traveling as you get answers in real time. I have also tried to help people. Twitter is the new **water cooler**. Yes I use it to track my boss too :)
On the negative side anybody can easily track me easily. There is information overload. You really can not keep up with everybody as you start following more and more people. And last but not the least tweeting when I am angry

The positives have been so overwhelming that I don’t consider negatives as negatives except point #3. So now, I have a rule. Don’t tweet when you are angry. I give two thinkings before I tweet anything negative. Since tweeting is easy, we generally tend to judge everything in 140 seconds. Twitter has bigger effect (as much as a blog post if not more), so we need to responsible before we comment on anything. I must agree those #fail tags have helped me many times but I personally think twice before I tag anything #fail. So do I moderate my tweets? Yes, I do.

Do you moderate your own tweets? In what scenarios?

My Association with UbuntuAtWork

Posted by Thejesh GN On September - 17 - 2009

As part of CSR, I was introduced to, in their own words
Ubuntu at Work is a global social networking community that connects women micro entrepreneurs across the developing world with coaches and collaborators around the world who offer them encouragement and support to develop sound business ideas, funding assistance, and networking resources to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations.
It looked very interesting for me as both social media and social entrepreneurship are my biggest interests. I started as a regular volunteer visiting women at their home and trying to understand their business model, financial status etc.
But in recent times my work involved lot of traveling, I shifted my focus to other place “The Web”. For UbuntuAtWork web is their second home. We tried to make it is as simple and social as possible. I choose WordPress as the platform. There are many reasons for not selecting it but my biggest reason to select was a. user friendliness and b. community. Today I am happy. The community helped me to integrate twitter, facebook, shopping cart(We are already trying to sell some interesting stuff made by women) with wordpress. The site is as such under continuous construction (Its a living site and not create and forget it, kind of website), I keep tweaking it everyday. I know there are so many things that I can do. I am waiting for buddypress to stabilize, so I can add more social features. There are so many other things in my mind which I am not able to implement as I am traveling. In the mean time suggest me that can make it social and viral.

Working with UbuntuAtWork has been fulfilling. I have met many interesting people, thanks to Vibha. She makes sure to introduce at least two of her friends every week. As I know more people my interest in social media and entrepreneurship keeps growing. One day I might become one!

BTW you can also help one of us at UbuntuAtWork to go to BlogWorld. It just needs a click and doesn’t even need an email :)

If you are interested in volunteering. Please leave a comment. One of us will send you the welcome kit.

09/09/09 09:09

Posted by Thejesh GN On September - 9 - 2009

Yeah my watch shows 09/09/09 09:09, post because its cool :)
I was at Mangalore bus station after dropping Zaiki at Railway station.
9-9-2009 9:09 PM

Is Indian IT in State of Emergency?

Posted by Thejesh GN On September - 2 - 2009

Quoting TOI “With IT firms buffeted by today’s turbulent times, the government has reached out a helping hand. Reciprocating their needs, it has exempted IT/ITES and software establishments from the provisions of Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act 1946 (Central Act 20 of 1946)”

I am not sure what is the rational behind suspending a rule. Labor laws are “rights of working class” (all of us). Suspending rights for any amount of period means we are in the state of emergency.

The rules are suspended only for IT/ITES and software establishments to help them sustain during recession. Why suspend laws to help fight recession? No other country in the world has suspended laws to help industry to fight the recession? Who took this decision? Who were part of this decision making? Did they have discussion before taking this step? If yes, did it include all the concerned parties and people? Who represented us*, people who actually are effected by this suspension?

According to me, you cant suspend a law by the request of a sector of Industry with out public discussion. If you need any labor rule reforms. It should be done after full public discussion and by the recommendation of a committee which represents all the concerned parties. The present decision is completely irrational. Not sure what do you think. I, personally feel my* rights have been violated.

I also see that none of the mainstream media wrote anything *big* on this, not very surprising.

*Me and Us as in middle class IT engineer.

Answer Bangalore Quiz and win RangDe coupon

Posted by Thejesh GN On August - 31 - 2009

Actually this was meant for my twitter followers, But now its open to all my readers. I have Rs. 500 RangDe social lending coupon. Whoever answers this Bangalore quiz (easy) earliest with maximum number of correct answers will get this coupon. Using which you can lend somebody on RangDe. You will get the money + 2% interest once they pay back the loan and of course you will get some karma points.

  1. Whats earlier version of M1A2 called? Ans:- Bangalore Torpedo
  2. Is there a Gul Mohar Marg in Bangalore? Ans:- Yes. Inside IISc
  3. Where in Bangalore you will find 3000 million year old rock ? Ans:- Inside lalbagh, the rock on which Kempegowda tower is built.
  4. Which area of Bangalore first got electricity? Ans:- Cantonment
  5. How much did Govt spend to construct Vidhana Soudha? Ans:- Rs 1.75 crore.
  6. From where did the granite used to construct Vidhana Soudha came from? Ans:- Mostly from Mallasandra and Hessaraghatta
  7. Before Independence Gandhi was asked to take rest in Bangalore, Where was it exactly? Ans:- Okay. It was both Kumara krupa road and Nandhi hills. I was expecting Nandhi Hills.

Go ahead answer them as comments. May be I will close it at 7pm?? closed.

Note: NO, this is not sponsored by RangDe. This one is out of my EB adsense money :)

Results: Raghava got it right second time. Congratulations. I will send a mail. Manoj and Fagun were very near. BTW where is that  city market building? Next time I will hide answers until I close the quiz that should make it more interesting.

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