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IT is not the place for women especially young mothers

Posted by Thejesh GN On November - 17 - 2009

Okay, now before you question my intentions, let me make it clear. It’s not about women, I think they are very capable (much more than men most of the time), it’s about where we work and work culture.

Also this is not based my experiences inside Infy alone (some kind of disclosure is required isn’t it?). I have spoken to many who work in TOP5 IT companies in India.

Lets be practical. Even if we talk loudly about equal rights/opportunities in India. 90% (good enough to generalize) of the working women has to work in two shifts. One at office and one at home. If you are a young mother then its 3.

The general working hours are around 9hrs/day. Even if I take the least amount of time to reach office it would be 2 hrs per day. Which makes it 11hrs. Remember, it doesn’t include time to reach bus stand, waiting for bus etc. That would make it 12hrs.

So you are left with 12hrs, out of which you obviously will spend around 6 hours ( again 8 is recommended) sleeping. So you are left with 6 hours, to take care of kids, home, parents (all of these are shared by both husband and wife. But be practical in 90% of the homes, only women do it) takes more than 6 hours.

Now you are in an IT industry, your work wont end at 5pm. You have onsite calls, customer calls, appraisal calls, firefight calls, status calls etc..etc. So you are taking break from your actual job (like spending time with child) to attend them.

If you are unlucky, you will be in a **development** project, with tight schedules (I haven’t seen one which doesn’t have tight schedule, yet), then you will end up spending your Saturdays in office too. That is another day lost, for your kid.

So whats the point?
Take a break for 4/5 years. None of the IT companies care for young mothers. You don’t fit into their business model.

This is what I suggested to my friend who is going to be a mother next month. Am I wrong?

PS: I would say even fathers should take a break for a year or two. There is nothing bigger than your family. Save enough to be a good parent later :)

Gartner study concludes the same:
“Women represent nearly 50% of the labor force and are improving their financial status. Many women will not wait for the traditional corporate ladder to come to them. “Paying their dues” is unappealing. Moreover, women are adamant about balancing their work, personal and family needs. If they must leave IT organizations to do so, while creating their own businesses and moving into other professions, they will.”
-© 2007 Gartner, Inc. and/or its Affiliates

Building community around My Electronics City

Posted by Thejesh GN On November - 10 - 2009

As most of you know, I was born and brought up around electronics city. I did my schooling, graduation and I even live and work at electronics city.

For a long time electronics city was not a preferred residential area. It was just an industrial area where we used go only for work. With the heavy inflow of population, growth of Bangalore, people started moving out of the city. Now virtually electronics city is South Bangalore.

Along with population came other facilities. But the biggest problem was finding out them. Google was good, so is many other listing sites. But there was no site built by a local community for our own purpose. So I thought about one

This site is to help the residents of Electronics city and nearby areas. This is a community driven information site where you can get, everything you want to know about Electronics City, Bangalore.
I plan to give access to all those who want to edit/add to it. So if you want participate, just send me a mail. I hope it helps my neighborhoods and all those who work at Electronics City.

Riding the bull aka ride to Nandhi

Posted by Thejesh GN On November - 4 - 2009

Don’t worry about grammar or meaning of the title. This post is about our ride to Nandi months back, so it’s a delayed post. It was on a friend’s birthday, I was partying until early morning and slept around 2. All of a sudden my mobile started ringing at 4:30am. I drove thinking I would be the last to reach Columbia hospital (meeting pt). Thanks to less traffic and my driving, I wasn’t :) Then we parked our silver oak resorts and started from there.
nandhi group ride
First few kilometers were easy as it was flat and then started climb. I was still sleeping and that didnt help me to concentrate. I was tiring out very soon after each break.
It was struggle, rode the whole climb in 1,1 or 1,2. I took about an hour to reach the top. At a speed 8/9 kmph its a slow climb but was very fulfilling.
break at mid way
If it wasn’t the group, I would have given up. This ride made me to realize, how much important is your riding group and concentration.
Bike salute at nandhi
At last I reached and we clicked that customary bike salute picture.

Photos are by Anita and Ramesh

Cyclothon – Bengaluru – 2009

Posted by Thejesh GN On October - 21 - 2009

My self and manju took part in first edition of Cyclothon Bengaluru. The distance of amateur race was reduced 36kms from initial planned distance of 50kms. We were not really happy as both of us wanted to do 50km. Never the less we set our own targets. Manju – complete with out walking and me – complete with in 2 hours.

I was surprised with the number of cyclists turned out. I was trying to convert whom ever I met into regular critical mass rider. I hope there will be more participants this month end.

The event started with flagging off men’s and ladies’ race.

Then it took ever for flagging off us. So we into the photography mode. Took pictures of ourselves, crowd and the winners of the race.

That is me and manju. Read the rest of this entry »

Seven Years in IT and Seven things I learnt

Posted by Thejesh GN On October - 13 - 2009

Recently I completed seven years in IT industry. My career started with Siemens and as of now I am working with Infy. Along with Infy and Siemens, my professional life has been greatly influenced by people whom I met at various events, online and open source communities. This is a small note where I want to share what I learnt in this seven years. There are many things to write about, I just wanted to use number seven.

  1. You can’t learn programming in 7 years
    Yes, Plain and simple. Read Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years by Peter Norvig
  2. Care about people than process
    Most of you would have heard “People are the center of every problem” quoted mainly by managers, HRs etc. But for me, People are the center of every solution. None of the **greatest** process can solve any problem with out right people. In fact all great projects/events in the history of the world are remembered, by remembering the people who were involved rather than process they followed. So give importance to people, break the process but don’t break a human.
  3. Be the worst team member
    At the risk of sounding very controversial, Yes, you should be the worst team member in your team. I believe in learning from team members. You have better chance to learn when everybody is better than you. Where you can learn from every contact, every conversation and every minute. Its good to lead a team. You might get promoted if you lead a team. But you should realize that you are losing on learning. Its very important to be lead by a leader/thinker early in your career and also to work with a great team. Remember: Its good to lead but its best to be lead by a good leader. They also make you better future leaders.
  4. Have personal projects
    Many would have written about it. If your employer supports your personal project then nothing like it. If not make sure to have some personal project. You can start from writing simple tools/scripting. Once you feel better try to contribute to a open source project. Later you can have your own big project. There is nothing like self learning, your personal projects will give you a chance to learn what you want. It also gives a chance to escape from **ordinary regular work**. Updated: You should read Scott Berkun’s post on 20% time.
  5. Use tools or use Unix
    Few days back, my friend was wanted to know why I am not interested in solving sudoku. According to him, its the most famous games amongst geeks just like rubik’s cube. For me I want to solve the problem for ever (I know how stupid I sound). I would probably write a program to solve the sudoku/cube than solving it manual. Now coming back to the point, use tools at work. Even if it is a very boring manual work. Try to automate it, make it a programming problem. Learn different tools. (I met this guy who was working on excel sheet to make some reports. Now it sounded like a very boring stuff. But actually he could have programmed in vb script to completely automate the reporting. Now it sounds better right?) While learning tools..Learn the mother of all tools: Unix commands.
  6. Attend conferences and meet people
    I cant stress enough on this. Every time I talk to somebody at office who comes for advice, this is what I give them. None of the communities in the world is as disjoint as Indian IT (developers) community. Please do go out, attend meets, conferences. You will learn as well as your professional circle gets bigger. Even volunteering at conferences like or barcamp will give you a great opportunity to learn.
  7. You don’t have to learn to knot a tie
    You know what I mean. Sometimes you need to follow the rules but programmers have their own way of satisfying their own ego! No. I don’t know how to knot a tie and I am not willing to learn in near future.

I hope it helps to somebody at least.

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