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Damn I am 30! 16

Damn I am 30!

Well I am surprised, shocked and in disbelief. How could I turn 30 so fast? What I have done in last 30 best years? What will I do in next 30 years? Which probably is the life I am left with. In last 30 days, I haven’t slept properly. I am the guy...

Online options for Kannada music lover 8

Online options for Kannada music lover

I listen to Kannada music a lot. I mostly end up buying CDs and then rip them so I can use it on my ipod or Nexus1. Its such a waste of resources. CD (eWaste) plus my time and money. Last few months I was searching for a good Kannada online music store...

Going down the hill 3

Going down the hill

Going down the hill is easy and fun. But how ever high speeds on the bike is dangerous if you are not careful. This time when I was coming down from Nandi, I was less conservative. My average speed was 25.93. Its nothing great but I reached 50kmph at a point and it...

To women 0

To women

Well its not women’s day but Mother’s day. But then thanks to my mom and my sis who made my life so beautiful. And of course all other lady friends of mine who cared and loved me.