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09/09/09 09:09

Posted by Thejesh GN On September - 9 - 2009

Yeah my watch shows 09/09/09 09:09, post because its cool :)
I was at Mangalore bus station after dropping Zaiki at Railway station.
9-9-2009 9:09 PM

Is Indian IT in State of Emergency?

Posted by Thejesh GN On September - 2 - 2009

Quoting TOI “With IT firms buffeted by today’s turbulent times, the government has reached out a helping hand. Reciprocating their needs, it has exempted IT/ITES and software establishments from the provisions of Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act 1946 (Central Act 20 of 1946)”

I am not sure what is the rational behind suspending a rule. Labor laws are “rights of working class” (all of us). Suspending rights for any amount of period means we are in the state of emergency.

The rules are suspended only for IT/ITES and software establishments to help them sustain during recession. Why suspend laws to help fight recession? No other country in the world has suspended laws to help industry to fight the recession? Who took this decision? Who were part of this decision making? Did they have discussion before taking this step? If yes, did it include all the concerned parties and people? Who represented us*, people who actually are effected by this suspension?

According to me, you cant suspend a law by the request of a sector of Industry with out public discussion. If you need any labor rule reforms. It should be done after full public discussion and by the recommendation of a committee which represents all the concerned parties. The present decision is completely irrational. Not sure what do you think. I, personally feel my* rights have been violated.

I also see that none of the mainstream media wrote anything *big* on this, not very surprising.

*Me and Us as in middle class IT engineer.

Answer Bangalore Quiz and win RangDe coupon

Posted by Thejesh GN On August - 31 - 2009

Actually this was meant for my twitter followers, But now its open to all my readers. I have Rs. 500 RangDe social lending coupon. Whoever answers this Bangalore quiz (easy) earliest with maximum number of correct answers will get this coupon. Using which you can lend somebody on RangDe. You will get the money + 2% interest once they pay back the loan and of course you will get some karma points.

  1. Whats earlier version of M1A2 called? Ans:- Bangalore Torpedo
  2. Is there a Gul Mohar Marg in Bangalore? Ans:- Yes. Inside IISc
  3. Where in Bangalore you will find 3000 million year old rock ? Ans:- Inside lalbagh, the rock on which Kempegowda tower is built.
  4. Which area of Bangalore first got electricity? Ans:- Cantonment
  5. How much did Govt spend to construct Vidhana Soudha? Ans:- Rs 1.75 crore.
  6. From where did the granite used to construct Vidhana Soudha came from? Ans:- Mostly from Mallasandra and Hessaraghatta
  7. Before Independence Gandhi was asked to take rest in Bangalore, Where was it exactly? Ans:- Okay. It was both Kumara krupa road and Nandhi hills. I was expecting Nandhi Hills.

Go ahead answer them as comments. May be I will close it at 7pm?? closed.

Note: NO, this is not sponsored by RangDe. This one is out of my EB adsense money :)

Results: Raghava got it right second time. Congratulations. I will send a mail. Manoj and Fagun were very near. BTW where is that  city market building? Next time I will hide answers until I close the quiz that should make it more interesting.

Critical Mass ride to Freedom Park

Posted by Thejesh GN On August - 31 - 2009

Last Saturday of every month, we do group ride in Bangalore called critical mass ride. Critical mass is that minimum mass which will make others to notice our existence (Cyclists). Hundreds of cities around the world organize such rides to make or to educate citizens about the importance of cycling. Its mostly a fun ride around the city but also involves educating curious onlookers.
lavanya at race course
Even though we don’t have hundreds of cyclist like in other parts of the world. We still have decent crowd to attract the traffic. This week we rode from our regular starting point PTI to Freedom Park (old Jail).

I was happy to see how they have converted old jail into public community space. Its location makes it much more important to have such a place. May be few days from now we will have music or drama evenings like Lalbagh bands at open – air amphitheatre that can seat 300 people. There are art works on freedom wall, there is that old charming watch tower, etc. Kudos to BBMP they have done a great job until now. I hope they maintain it in the same way. Actually I didn’t have good camera and hence the lack of pictures. I will probably get more pictures next time I visit Freedom Park. Make sure you visit it too.

Two lesser known Bangalore brands that I love

Posted by Thejesh GN On August - 27 - 2009

There are many Bangalore brands that I love. But today I want to write about two **lesser** known Bangalore brands. The reason I have emphasized **lesser** is because most of us know them as just big brands but not as Bangalore based brands.
Cafe Coffee Day
For a guy who drinks up to three Grande Lathes per day, its difficult cafe_coffee_day to miss it. I have told the story of CCD to so many who doesn’t know about it. Today officially I am going to write about it. Cafe Coffee Day is a very good case study for any budding entrepreneur. Cafe Coffee Day launched its first cafe in 1996 on Brigade Road in Bangalore. Today they have over 800+ cafes including one each in Pakistan, Germany and two in Austria. Bangalore its home town has 100+ ccds spread all over. CCD became instant hit amongst south Indian coffee drinking youth, mainly because of its style and affordability. I like their 24×7 cafes on major high ways in and around Bangalore. I also like their new Coffee Day Square concept. You can find their first Square at their corporate office premises in Bangalore.
And yes it is owned by Siddartha son in law of SM Krishna. But that doesn’t take anything away from him. I am sure he is using all his J.M. Morgan Stanley experience to make it big.
Update: I just read this very interesting interview of Siddartha by Subroto Bagchi on Forbes India. It seems Siddartha worked along with his team in a CCD in Calcutta on 31st night. And then
Subroto: What was the biggest lesson for him in all this?
Siddartha: “I was simply amazed how indifferent people are to those who serve. Three rich women came, ordered their drinks, did not once look at me, and settled the cheque, did not care to tip me, but worse, did not say a ‘thank you’ before leaving for someplace else where revelry awaited them. It shocked me because it was New Year’s Eve. I thought people would be nice to others because they themselves were in such a joyous state of mind.” Read that interview at Forbes India.

For trekkers or adventure sports lovers I don’t have give an introduction of wildcraft. I have been owning wildcraft bags since college days. Long time back I went to their Jayanagar branch to get a bag zipper repaired. The guy at the shop fixed the zipper for free with out asking any history. wildcfaft Obviously I was impressed. That is when I got to know that its a bangalore company. I dont know much about the company other than it was found by Dinesh who has engineering background. Its almost ten years old now. But I have been big fan of their bags (check last pic).

There are many other bangalore brands like MTR to Infosys which I like. But here I just wanted to speak about **lesser known bangalore** brands.

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