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My New Geek Toy Cannondale F8 bike

Posted by Thejesh GN On May - 23 - 2009

OK.. After a lot of thinking..rethinking and multiple calculations, I gifted myself an early birthday gift, a Cannondale F8. It costed a bomb but worth every paisa.

well its been a long time dream to own onw of these which came true today. As of now I am planning to cycle twice a week to office. More to come, cant type much on mobile.
Updated: on 25/May/2005
You can get more info on the bike on their site.
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Ideas for India’s future

Posted by Thejesh GN On May - 20 - 2009

Nandan talks about ideas for India’s future at TED. He talks about the ideas which made India what it is today. He talks about the ideas which are in the phase of implementation, which are in discussion and at last for the future. He also give his points why the world should worry about India. If you have not read his book Imagining India, then this is mini version of his book.

A must watch. I have tried to embed the low resolution video here. Go to TED page if you want to see high resolution version or want to download.

At one point in his talk (as well as in his book), he pushes for industrialization and urbanization. I am not against it but I would have loved if he had talked about agriculture and technologies for better and natural food production, as an idea for future.

Disclosure: I work for Infosys and Nandan is Co-Chairman of Infosys.

Culture of Continuous Learning

Posted by Thejesh GN On May - 5 - 2009

I had a conversation with my team mate about the recent buzz word in the market upgrading yourself. The buzz word used by most of the bosses to warn the young generation mostly in connection with recession and pink slip.

Both of us were of the opinion that continuous learning (or so called upgrading) is part of culture you have grown up with. I am not just talking about the work related learning here. I am talking about learning in general.As kids we used to be very curious about the things surrounding us. We always wanted to know more about radio or pictures in TV. The motivation for learning new things was fun or simple curiosity. As we grew up the motivations changed. It was degree in college, job change or promotion when we started working. But the problem was the motivations like job, salary or promotion are not sustainable. Once you get the promotion you are free till the next season.

Simple curiosity or fun of tinkering with the stuff around never dies. Think of kid lost in toy shop. It just goes behind one after the other. Kid never loses interest because its having fun. When was the last time you learnt something new just for fun?

Ourselves to blame?
Mostly yes. Last year I started learning Spanish. My Spanish class mostly had university students, few working professionals. In the second class my Spanish teacher asked me “Are you going to get a promotion after you finish diploma?”. To her I said “yes” but in reality I just wanted to learn another language (one of my dream is to follow the path of Che in South America. Now you know the motivation…its Che). The point I wanted to make is we are mostly behind money than other things. I want to ask you again When was the last time you learnt something new just for fun?

Is it Indian education system to blame?
May be. Most of the parents have a very simple advice for their kids. If you don’t learn this you wont get good marks. If you don’t get good marks you won’t get a good job. That is where we set a wrong motivation to learn something new. Its not just parents, its teachers, professors, bosses and society. We all motivate people around us learn for money.

How about our work place/culture?
May be that too. We will wait till the recession to learn or to innovate. Its not just about the people I am talking here. I am talking about the organizations too. Organizations should also understand person who is not interested in how telephone works probably wont be interested in how internet works. So be careful when hiring the candidates. Motivation for learning is as important as learnability.

So how do we inculcate the culture of learning?
I really don’t know. I am looking forward for tips from you, my readers. All I can say is if you still have kids curiosity, You don’t have to learn anything special to beat the recession.

Backing up my geocities home page

Posted by Thejesh GN On April - 28 - 2009

I had a small home page on geocities way back in 2002/3. Just like any other home page it had a page about me, my friends, contact details and one page about my personal project. Since geocities is closing down, I thought of saving(rather downloading) my web history.

Back then (2003) I used to run a weekly newsletter called techmag.It had some 200+ subscribers.I also had a place on the web where I used to upload newsletters and it still exists. Time to back up those letters too.

Update: Use wget to download the whole website. The HTMLs might have extra tracking javascripts from geocities. You can write a small script to remove them.
If your site is small, then login and download the HTMLs directly.


Posted by Thejesh GN On April - 22 - 2009

Please do vote. I usually vote to a National Party* when I am voting for Lok Sabha. Regional parties and independents are usually spoilers or vote splitters. So think logically and vote.
* Only BJP and Congress are national parties according to me.

Update April/24: I voted but very disappointed.

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