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Blogging, Readers and Six years

Posted by Thejesh GN On August - 21 - 2009

I just completed six years of blogging and surprisingly I realized it late. Off late I am not blogging that regularly. It doesn’t mean that I have lost interest or I don’t care. Blogging here is direct reflection of my mind and thinking. So its natural that I blog when I feel like sharing something and not to fill.
I agree with the way Matt of wordpress puts it
I used to think constantly about building an audience for my blog. But now my attitude is, If I’m not blogging for myself, it’s not worth it. So I don’t post once a day, only when it feels natural. Some people complain — they say, “Write more about WordPress; we don’t want to see photos of kids in Vietnam,” but I don’t really care. I really like posting photos of places I’ve been. For my 25th birthday last January, I published a list of 2009 goals on my blog. It included learning Spanish, learning how to cook, and posting 10,000 photos. The Spanish is going all right, but I’m failing the cooking one.
Its not that I am not worried about the readers or analytics. I keep looking at my Google Analytics account once a month at least. In fact the goal for me is to reach 1k rss readers by year end. Its just that its not the primary goal as it used to be before.

I will keep sharing my life, photographs, travelogues and technology notes as long as you read and I feel like. Thanks for subscribing to my RSS feed :)
And a very Happy Ganesh Chaturthy.

Photo: Taken at a restaurant in Udaipur during my Rajashtan trip.

Eddelu Manjunatha : Satire Comedy

Posted by Thejesh GN On August - 5 - 2009

Cast: Jaggesh, Yagna Shetty, Tabala Naani, V. Manohar, Shyam Prasad, A.S. Murthy
Story-Screenplay-Dialogues-Direction: Guru Prasad
Producer: Sanath Kumar; Music: Anoop Sileen; Camera: Ashok Raman
My Rating: ****

Watched “Eddelu Manjunatha” on Saturday. Its so different from any regular Kannada movies (or Indian movies). Its a satire(double meaning) comedy which makes you laugh and think at the same time. Its good to see Jaggesh in restrained acting. Yagna looks beautiful. I was expecting a lot from Guruprasad after his first movie Matha, which was a dark comedy. He lived up to it.

The movie starts with Manjunatha sharing the same room with blind director Nani. To pass the time, Manjunatha (actually its his full time job) starts conversation with Nani about his own life. The whole movie is about lazy Manjunatha. In between you can see them conversing about politics, film industry, sex, marriage, life etc. Conversations make most of the Movie and that is where Guru is successful. He can make you laugh, think and wonder.

There are two songs in the movie. The title song eddelu manjunatha is corny. The second song by sung by M.D.Pallavi “Prapachanve Devaru Madiro Baaru…..” is good. I also liked the actress who has played bar singers role for this song. Do any one of you know her name? (update: its Veena Bhat.)

Go watch it.

Note: There are moments (double meaning) where you might feel uncomfortable if your parents are around. Other than that film is mostly clean and watchable with family.

Tweet4Blood on SkyNews

Posted by Thejesh GN On July - 16 - 2009

Tweet4Blood is covered on SkyNews UK today. Thanks to @RuthBarnett for such a wonderful coverage. I hope this coverage will make more and more people to follow @tweet4blood and donate blood.
He set it up after a friend’s father asked for blood before he had a heart operation.
Friends operation I was talking about in the article is Sandeep MKs article. I got inspired that day and I coded the application. Few days later VSR (I owe you lots of coffees man) redesigned the site and made that awesome logo.
Since people tweet with blood type, location and phone number, it becomes easy for me to get in touch with the patient and do my best
Also thanks to friend and fellow twitterist Sharadaprasad for sharing his experience. I feel very happy and satisfied when I get to know somebody made use of Tweet4Blood.

Thanks all.

BTW myself and VSR are already working on v2.0. Wait for more announcements.
Update: July 28
Some more good news. Today we got covered on Bangalore Mirror. Thanks to everybody at @bangaloremirror for spreading the cause.

Maratha Light Infantry and War Cries

Posted by Thejesh GN On July - 15 - 2009

Around 400 hundred Indian soldiers of Maratha Light Infantry led the march yesterday in Paris. I was reading the history of them on wikipedia and then the words “bol Shri Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj ki Jai’ caught my interest. Its the war cry of MLI. Here is the list of other war cries from India.

  • Maratha Light Infantry – Bol Shri Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj ki Jai! (“Cry Victory to King Shivaji!”)
  • Punjab Regiment, Sikh Regiment and Sikh Light Infantry – Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal (Blessed is the one who proclaims the Truth of God)
  • Naga Regiment – Jai Durga Naga (Hail Durga Naga)
  • The Madras Regiment- Veera Madrassi, Adi Kollu , Adi Kollu(Brave Madrassi, Hit and Kill, Hit and Kill!)
  • Brigade of the Guards – Garud Ka Hun Bol Pyare (I am from the Guards, Say O my friend)
  • Mechanised Infantry Regiment – Bol Bharat Mata Ki Jai (Victory to Mother India)
  • The Grenadiers – Sarvada Shaktishali !
  • Rajputana Rifles – Raja Ram Chandra Ki Jai (Victory to Raja Ram Chandra)
  • Rajput Regiment – Bol Bajrang Bali Ki Jai (Victory to Lord Hanuman)
  • Dogra Regiment – Jawala Mata Ki Jai (Victory to Goddess Jawala)
  • The Garhwal Rifles – Badri Vishal Lal Ki Jai (Victory to the Great Lord Badri Nath)
  • Kumaon Regiment – Kalika Mata Ki Jai (Victory to the Great Goddess Kali) Bajrang Bali Ki Jai (Victory to Bajrang Bali) Dada Kishan Ki Jai (Victory to Dada Kishan) Jai Durge Naga
  • Assam – Rhino Charge
  • Bihar Regiment – Jai Bajrang Bali (Victory to Bajrang Bali) Birsa Munda Ki Jai (Victory to Birsa Munda)
  • Jat – Jat Balwan, Jai Bhagwan (The Jat is powerful, Victory to god!)
  • Ayo Gorkhali (The Gorkhas are here)

Some of them are really powerful and will make anybody stand and fight for their regiment

If you know any others please log below.

PS: Added later

  • Kittur chennamma and other north Karnataka rulers : Parvati Pateyah Har Har Mahadev (Victory to the Supreme God, The Lord of Parvati)
  • Moghuls : “Allahu Akbar” “God is great”

All the best Nandan

Posted by Thejesh GN On July - 9 - 2009

Well, what should I say? Farewell function was long and very senti. It looked like whole of @infy had gathered to catch a glimpse of Nandan. I am cursing myself for not carrying a camera on such a big occasion. Here are some pics from my mobile.
Whole Infy family at Nandans farewell
Nandan has been with Infy for almost thirty years. It is not easy for Nandan or Infy, not to miss each other. He is a great executor and brand ambassador. I am sure he will do well in his new role as chairman of the new Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). All the very best Nandan. Read the rest of this entry »

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