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All the best Nandan

Posted by Thejesh GN On July - 9 - 2009

Well, what should I say? Farewell function was long and very senti. It looked like whole of @infy had gathered to catch a glimpse of Nandan. I am cursing myself for not carrying a camera on such a big occasion. Here are some pics from my mobile.
Whole Infy family at Nandans farewell
Nandan has been with Infy for almost thirty years. It is not easy for Nandan or Infy, not to miss each other. He is a great executor and brand ambassador. I am sure he will do well in his new role as chairman of the new Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). All the very best Nandan. Read the rest of this entry »

MJ is no more

Posted by Thejesh GN On June - 26 - 2009

My experiences from first 50kms of Cycling

Posted by Thejesh GN On June - 19 - 2009

Its been three weeks that I got a cycle for myself. Unfortunately I couldn’t cycle much the first two weeks. I live beyond electronics city on Hosur road. I have done couple of trips to Koramanagala to meet my friends. Its about 15 kms one way from Koramangala to my home. Other than that I cycle to office on Fridays which is about 4.5km one way. Those were the only chances I got in last two/three weeks. I have done close to 50kms.

With the above experience of cycling in Bangalore, Here I am sharing my experiences this blog post. I am also trying to address some of the questions raised by my friends. I hope it helps.

I got my bicycle from track n trails store at Koramangala. So my first ride was to ride from the store to home for about 15kms. I started to ride with the helmet and I was wearing formals. The ride was pretty smooth until I got to know that I am center of attraction for other motorists on the road.There were at least two BMTC buses which came close to me near silk board flyover. But then both the bus drivers and others had a smile on their face and in fact the BMTC guy almost stopped his bus to allow me to climb the flyover. The point I wanted to make is people love cyclists more than others. May be the helmet made a difference.
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Being open online and ending relationship gracefully

Posted by Thejesh GN On June - 9 - 2009

I met both Tara and Chris @ BarcampBangalore 1 (yeah the first one to happen in Bangalore, in fact in India and the venue was Y!). Both of them were very friendly.They were very passionate about their work and their life. I still remember having a long conversation with Chris about microformats.

Few months back they ended their relationship. Both were very bold, open and very graceful about ending their romantic relationship. Both Chris and Tara blogged about their relationship and the transition happening in their life.

All I could do was to offer hugs to them on their blogs. And be surprised how open and graceful they were.

Why now?
Two of my friends almost reached the edge of their relationship and they weren’t that graceful. They removed each other from friends list, gtalk and what not..before coming back again.

1. Should we be really open about our life and relationship online?
2. Why cant everybody be like Chris and Tara ( I mean be as graceful as them)?

My New Geek Toy Cannondale F8 bike

Posted by Thejesh GN On May - 23 - 2009

OK.. After a lot of thinking..rethinking and multiple calculations, I gifted myself an early birthday gift, a Cannondale F8. It costed a bomb but worth every paisa.

well its been a long time dream to own onw of these which came true today. As of now I am planning to cycle twice a week to office. More to come, cant type much on mobile.
Updated: on 25/May/2005
You can get more info on the bike on their site.
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