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Hacking sleep two months later

Posted by Thejesh GN On April - 13 - 2009

I have been hacking my sleep to achieve the optimum sleeping period. Two months back when I started this experiment, I was sleeping almost 9 hrs per day. Today I am spending only 6.5 hrs per day on sleep. The gain of 2.5 hours per day is very big.

It started with reducing from 9 hours to 7.5 hours. It was tough, specially during the afternoon. Initially I had to take a quick nap (20 minutes) at my desk after lunch. But then my body got used to it. A month & half later I took another giant step and reduced the duration to 6.5 hours. Again I went through the same cycle which involved similar noon naps. As of today, my sleep duration is only 6.5hrs per day *with out* any noon naps.

Another change I made w.r.t to my sleeping is to have fixed timings. Before I used to sleep anytime between 9pm-2am and get up anytime between 7am-9am. Now it is more fixed. Now I sleep strictly at 12am and wake up by 6am. My body is so used to it that I don’t need wake up alarms.

The standard side effects of reduced sleep are loss of weight, irritation, low concentration etc. As of now I don’t see any side effects (or I don’t know). In fact my other experiment of “Put on weight” is also giving positive results :)

The ultimate plan is to reduce the sleep duration to 6 hours. But I am still not sure if my body can take it. I am planning to go with 6.5 hours for six more months and then take my next step.

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Nano is the Netbook of Automobile world

Posted by Thejesh GN On April - 9 - 2009

Nano is the Netbook of Automobile world. Yes, its the EEEPC of car world.  Both of them have very similar characteristics.
1. They are affordable
EEEPC is affordable compared to other laptops available. Nano too is very very affordable. Asus with EEEPC created a new market, I guess the Nano will do the same.
2. Its small but usable
Both of them are not highly powered or very good looking, but both of them are functional. Both of them are small, easy to take around. Both of them are very usable in day today life. EEEPC saves lot of space when I am packing. Nano too doesn’t need much space to park
3. Its efficient
I don’t know much about the power usage of EEEPC. Nano is very efficient compared to any other petrol car in India.
4. Easy to learn, Easy to work, Easy to play

More Geek Points
5. Its a back wheel drive FTW
6. Its DIY modelers dream car
7. Any other points to add??
I have an eeepc besides my Vaio. I use it on specific occasions like while traveling, attending conferences etc. I am just wondering how many will buy Nano as their second car. It might be a very good city car or you just want to try some DYI stuff.

BTW Nano bookings are open from today….

Sita Sings The Blues

Posted by Thejesh GN On April - 1 - 2009

“An animated version of the epic Indian tale of Ramayana set to the 1920′s jazz vocals of Annette Hanshaw”

Sita, the heroine, reminds me a little of the immortal Betty Boop. But her singing voice is sexier. Paley synchs her life story and singing and dancing with recordings of the American jazz singer Annette Hanshaw (1901-1985), a big star in the 1920s and 1930s who was known as “The Personality Girl.” Sita lived around 1000 BCE, a date which inspires lively debate among the three Indians discussing her. But when her husband outrageously accuses her of adultery and kicks her on top of a flaming pyre, we know exactly how she feels when Annette Hanshaw sings her big hit, “Mean to Me.”

There is another level. In San Francisco, we meet an American couple, young and in love, named Dave and Nina, and their cat, named Lexi. Oh, they are in love. But Dave flies off to take a “temporary” job in India, Nina pines for him, she flies to join him in India but he is cold to her, and when she returns home she receives a cruel message: “Don’t come back. Love, Dave.” Nina despairs. Lexi despairs. Cockroaches fill her apartment but she hardly notices. One day in her deepest gloom she picks up the book Ramayana and starts to read. Inspiration begins to warm the cold embers of her heart.-Sun times

This whole film is an effort of single soul – Nina. Nina is betting on audience to raise money.The whole concept is borrowed from free and open source software movement. The film is released under creative commons where anybody is allowed to download and screen the movie. The users or film buffs will contribute money to the creator if they like the product. Its working pretty well in software world. I am not yet sure about creative world.

This is what she had to say when somebody asked, How are you going to make money?

I’m betting that you, audience, can find me more money – and certainly wider distribution – than a commercial distributor could. I get wonderful emails from people like you, people who offer to set up little fundraising screenings, who write good reviews, and do lots of things to help. Audiences are so eager to help distribute films! Old-school commercial distributors not only ignore the power of the audience, they actively fight it, calling it “piracy” and “theft” for example. And the audience comes up with much better ideas than I or a distributor could (I didn’t think of doing fundraising screenings, you did). And once I free the film, I won’t have to do any more work on it! You, the audience, can take care of everything. – Filmaker Nina Paley

Now go ahead download the movie, watch it with others and then tip her. Even $1 makes lot of sense. ( $2 = cost of watching movie at a local theater in India)

BTW the first edition of BRTFF in 2009 is scheduled for April 4th 5th. We are planning to screen Sita Sings The Blues. You can register yourself at BRTFF website.

Technology or Management?

Posted by Thejesh GN On March - 17 - 2009

Engineering until IT came into India was completely *technical*. I have not seen any engineer of my fathers generation doing *only* managerial work. There used to be project managers then too, but they used be part time managers and full time technicians.

With IT boom in India, we got a new breed of managers. IT-Managers or so called PMs, SPMs etc. I am not going get into their job profile or their job description but all I want to say is they were different from previous managers we had seen in *technology* field.

In this setup, natural progression for every developer was to, turn into manager after x years. But there were anomalies in the system all the time. They were always confused..
Read the rest of this entry »

What is My Political Ideology or View?

Posted by Thejesh GN On March - 5 - 2009

Its very surprising that I haven’t written much about politics in last five years. I am as much interested in politics and history as I am in technology. I have been thinking about this post on my political philosophy from long time. But was lazy enough not to write about it until today. The time could not be better than the announcement of 15th Lok Sabha Elections.
In most of the discussions with friends, I end up facing the question about my political philosophy. Which one do I believe in? Its a very difficult question to answer as I don’t believe in any one philosophy. I am not completely leftist or right. Neither I agree with authoritarian nor I am supporter of freedom with out responsibility. I am sure a believer secularism but keep myself away from intellectuals. So where do I stand? Read the rest of this entry »

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