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We (BRTFF) are on India Today

Posted by Thejesh GN On August - 9 - 2007

BRTFF Special EB Show – My First Effort

Posted by Thejesh GN On August - 9 - 2007

As promised the first episode of EBShow is out. This covers the BRTFF event. This is a small episode and mostly experimental. The future ones will look much better. Here you go.


All those who helped me directly or indirectly.

Twittering from BRTFF2

Posted by Thejesh GN On August - 5 - 2007

Back from BRTFF2. Did a lot of twittering from the event. It was lots of fun. Here are the twitters tweets. Starting 22 hours ago from now (timestamp of this post).

  • BRTFF setting up about 22 hours ago
  • arranging the projector about 22 hours ago
  • arranging speakers. waiting for extn cord about 21 hours ago
  • watching time pass about 21 hours ago
  • time pass is by vatsa about 20 hours ago
  • listening about osians fest about 20 hours ago
  • commarades in dreams we should watch in next BRTFF about 20 hours ago
  • this is live from BRTFF about 20 hours ago
  • power down. we are listening to film makers about 20 hours ago
  • kind of summary of festival of asian and arab happened at delhi about 20 hours ago
  • ok all this talk by Pavan about 20 hours ago
  • wow that was lots of info about 20 hours ago
  • pitching in kick the producer idea about 20 hours ago
  • thats a great idea about 20 hours ago
  • power back. watching mission zero again about 20 hours ago
  • reedited version looks better about 20 hours ago
  • lots of discussion about mission zero about 19 hours ago
  • now watching lemon chai about 19 hours ago
  • enjoying it. its a good movie. about 19 hours ago
  • lots of discussion about 19 hours ago
  • good lunch party about 18 hours ago
  • wow nice discussion here. somebody got some beer about 18 hours ago
  • we need to start. its time up. about 18 hours ago
  • ok somebody needs crocin about 18 hours ago
  • watched saviour . its a cool ad film about 18 hours ago
  • now watching hara kiri about 18 hours ago
  • its pretty decent movie about 17 hours ago
  • vatsa is talking about experimenting in kannada movie about 17 hours ago
  • watched don3. gameboy about 17 hours ago
  • watching a woman now about 16 hours ago
  • just had a chat with hasina who owns this place about 16 hours ago
  • charging the handy for some recording about 16 hours ago
  • i am missing by hook or crook about 16 hours ago
  • got the rain jackets for our long ride about 15 hours ago
  • trying to catch. also reading nandinis blog about 15 hours ago
  • we are at the end about 14 hours ago
  • i am not getting this movie. probably because i missed most of it. about 14 hours ago
  • did a shoot for EB SHOW. now back home about 12 hours ago

Review and other details about the event in the next post. Probably videos too.

BRTFF Edition 2 with new Logo and Site

Posted by Thejesh GN On August - 3 - 2007

brtff logoBangalore Roof Top Film Festival edition-2 is on this saturday sunday at Chung Wah. We are very grateful to Chung Wah for offering their roof top. And I am surprised to see the registrations are full and even the waiting list is full. This edition will have some talks from Indi film makers too. I am hoping to cover them in my own EB Show.

Now BRTFF has its own website ( much like how barcampbangalore has its own). But it is still done by participants. There are no organizers / Maintainers as such. Vatsap and Hari with lot of comments from the community have come with the logo. The logo is self explanatory. Please visit the site to know more about RTFF. And give you comments and suggestions. I created this site in a day. Its a wiki based solution. I hope you will like it. And see you on sunday.

How many hits does EventsBangalore get

Posted by Thejesh GN On July - 31 - 2007

Many were interested in the taraffic flow to EventsBangalore at BCB4. Here is the screeshot from Analytics for this month. This count is only for blog and doesnot include my hits to community and wiki. You can add around 2k to that. This month I have 8375 visitors and around 15k page views. ( click on the image for better view)
So it is usually 10K visitors per month. With around 20K page views.
Update: Thanks to Alagu for reminding me this. Feedburner tells me that there are 100+ subscribers on my list. Many use my live journal feed as friend. Dont know the exact number of readers there. There are around 500+ newsletter subscribers for EventsBangalore. So I guess the reach is more thank 10K+

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