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What is LinkLogger Feed? 6

What is LinkLogger Feed?

Everyday I find at least two or three good websites to use. Initially I used blog about them. But then blogging everyday about some website/tool is pain. Now I link only when I have a proper review post. The rest of my best links go to LinkLogger. LinkLogger is where I log about...

BRTFF Special EB Show – My First Effort 5

BRTFF Special EB Show – My First Effort

As promised the first episode of EBShow is out. This covers the BRTFF event. This is a small episode and mostly experimental. The future ones will look much better. Here you go. Credits: BRTFF Community Camera: Vinay Pictures:MyCameraAndEye,Harry the Hero,Spo0nman Collage:Lavanya Music; Free Music from SoundTrap All those who helped me directly or...

Twittering from BRTFF2 4

Twittering from BRTFF2

Back from BRTFF2. Did a lot of twittering from the event. It was lots of fun. Here are the twitters tweets. Starting 22 hours ago from now (timestamp of this post). BRTFF setting up about 22 hours ago arranging the projector about 22 hours ago arranging speakers. waiting for extn cord about 21...