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Innovative Mobile PCO using WLL phone 5

Innovative Mobile PCO using WLL phone

Check the bag and the Tata Indicom WLL phone. The guy is a mobile STD/ISD PCO. People who don’t have mobile phone can use his phone to call home/friends in the train. This is what I call Innovation. I think the business model will work. Many Indian train stations don’t have PCO booths...

What is LinkLogger Feed? 6

What is LinkLogger Feed?

Everyday I find at least two or three good websites to use. Initially I used blog about them. But then blogging everyday about some website/tool is pain. Now I link only when I have a proper review post. The rest of my best links go to LinkLogger. LinkLogger is where I log about...

BRTFF Special EB Show – My First Effort 5

BRTFF Special EB Show – My First Effort

As promised the first episode of EBShow is out. This covers the BRTFF event. This is a small episode and mostly experimental. The future ones will look much better. Here you go. Credits: BRTFF Community Camera: Vinay Pictures:MyCameraAndEye,Harry the Hero,Spo0nman Collage:Lavanya Music; Free Music from SoundTrap All those who helped me directly or...