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Lunch at South Indies

Posted by Thejesh GN On May - 22 - 2007

Few days back myself, matty, mk and boda tried a new south Indian restaurant called South Indies. Its an Hi-Fi south Indian restaurant. Check the pictures. More details are at EventsBangalore.

South IndiesSouth Indies Hosted on Zooomr

Preparing UthappamPreparing Uthappam Hosted on Zooomr

South Indian LunchSouth Indian Lunch Hosted on Zooomr

You can see more pictures here

Coral Wordperfect Lightning – Simple and fast editor

Posted by Thejesh GN On May - 18 - 2007

Wordperfect Lightning is a free to download editor. Its pretty simple editor compared to ms-word. But is very fast and has new features for todays office user.

Corel® WordPerfect® Lightning™ is free software that makes it easier than ever to capture, use, and reuse ideas, information and images.
It helps you perform your most common tasks simpler and faster!
Find out what ‘Navigator’, ‘Notes’, ‘Connector’, and ‘Viewer’ will do for you. Start your Lightning experience!

You can download the editor here

Enabling multiple timezones in outlook

Posted by Thejesh GN On May - 15 - 2007

Working across time zones is pretty confusing when your scheduling meetings. You may want to check both the clocks to see if it is OK. If both the time lines are displayed on your outlook calendar then it is little easy to do it. Outlook by default displays only one timezone. To enable multiple timezones
Go to Tools – Options

Select Calendar Options and click on time zone button

Check the check box Show Additional timezone. Give a new Label and select the time zone. Here my secondary timezone is Chicago. And then click OK.

Now your outlook calendar shows both the timezones

Learn new skills at Sclipo

Posted by Thejesh GN On May - 15 - 2007

Many theme based video hosting services are seeing light. We covered Life Videopedi where you can learn anything in five minutes. Now we have Sclipo which also falls into DIY videos category. Here you can find the videos on learning new skills.

Sclipo is a website to share videos about everyday knowledge among everyday people. We believe that the beauty of online skill-videos is discovering the really hard to find answers to those quirky bugs that life throws at you. Sclipo makes finding them that little bit easier in the current tidal wave of online video content, but keeps the whole process dynamic, fun, and completely user generated and assessed. We hope you like Sclipo!

Here is a video about How to change hair colour with Photoshop

Collabaration: Application sharing using windows messenger

Posted by Thejesh GN On May - 11 - 2007

Most of use windows messenger at office as our primary IM. Windows messenger can be used for more than plain IM. Windows messengers allows audio/video Coversation which is useful. But I like application sharing feature of Windows Messenger. Go to Actions and select application sharing. Or follow the steps below suggested by MS

To share your program with someone

  1. If Application Sharing is turned on by your network administrator, you can share a program that is open on your computer with one of your contacts.
  2. In the main window, right-click the contact on your list with whom you want to share your program, and click Start Application Sharing. —or—
  3. If you are in a conversation, click Start Application Sharing in the sidebar.
  4. After the invitation is accepted, Stop Collaborating appears in the sidebar. Click it to end the session.
  5. If you have not already done so, open the program you want to share. Click the program in the Sharing window, and then click Share.
  6. The other person sees your program on his or her computer.
  7. If you want to give the other person control of your program, click Allow Control.
  8. The other person can also request control, which you can allow or deny.
  9. You can take back control by clicking the shared program or pressing ESC on your keyboard.


  1. You can send and receive invitations to use Application Sharing only with people who have computers running Microsoft Windows XP.
  2. Both people cannot control the program at the same time; control must pass from one to the other.
  3. Make sure you do not block the view of the shared program by having other windows open in front of it.
  4. For help with using Application Sharing, click Help in the Application Sharing program. (The Help menu is available only to the invited person, not to the person who sent the invitation.)
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