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Tracking Happiness

A friend of mine Anu has this popular question to ask when she meets us “What am I proud of and grateful for?”. It’s an interesting question. While answering it last time, I realized its a proxy question for asking how happy am I. I don’t know what Anu thinks but I will...

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CouchDB is my personal BaaS

My various small term and long-term projects need database. As of now I have used various kinds of RDBMS like Postgres, SQLite, NoSQLs like Mongo and Redis. All these four are great and have made me really productive. All four databases are open source and they cover all my requirements as of now....


Obsessed with Einstein

For a long time I was scared to read Einstein. Most of my physics reading was Richard Feynman’s essays. I think its more to do with his life and character than the physics itself. If I remember properly I read A Brief History of Time when I was in college. That’s the closest...