Thejesh GN


Notes from first Data BootCamp India

First ever DataBootCamp in India was organized by ICFJ in collabaration with Data{Meet}, HT, Hacks/Hackers – New Delhi, 9.9 School of Journalism in Delhi. It was a three-day event hosted by Bridge School of Management. It was an interesting gathering as more than 50% were from journalistic background. I have never seen such...


Triggering Innovation by Opening up Govt Data

I was at Takshashila’s Shaping India’s Growth Agenda: Implications for the World conference listening to Innovation panel. The main debate revolved around what should Government do to catalyze the innovation in India. There were obvious suggestions like funding, policy support, taxation and not being a hindrance to business etc to increase the innovation....


HappyTuesday Week 3 – CitizenMatters

I have never written about CitizenMatters before, it seems very strange. CitizenMatters as they define is a Bangalore focused, citizen-oriented news-magazine, covering city public affairs, community and culture. They do a great job of it. Its run by Oorvani Foundation which is also behind IndiaTogether. They have been a great supporter of Open...