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Sense Your City

This would be my third sensor in the city. You already know about the first two. This one is part of much bigger community called Sense Your City. As part of Sense your City, 100 people in 7 cities across the world will build and install the sensors. These sensors will measure air...


I am Liking My Pebble Watch

I got to know about Pebble when it became a super hit on Kickstarter. I don’t think I was on kickstarter then. It looked great on the paper but then investing $99 without knowing the outcome seemed like an expensive affair for me. But then I have followed them ever since. They have...


The Year that was 2014

So we are at the end of 2014. It’s an interesting year from both personal and professional life PoV. It was a year of some great travels, food, some memorable conversations with friends, great teammates to work with and interesting problems to solve. I must say it was also one of the busiest...