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Sorry if its broken

Posted by Thejesh GN On April - 30 - 20118 COMMENTS

Theme updating is in progress :)
The amount of green has reduced, i have tried my best to keep it as much as possible. There are new colors like blue and dark red now. Let me know what do you think.

Still need to be worked on
1. Formatting pages
2. Wiki and wiki breadcrumb
3. Sidebar
4. Need to check all plugins for compatibility
5. Placement of share buttons

Please do let me know if you find anything broken or if you have any suggestions.

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Thank you Infosys

Posted by Thejesh GN On April - 21 - 201120 COMMENTS

I entered Infosys, almost eight years back on Jan/13/2003 to be exact. I dont have to say I was young, I was also energetic and eager to work. Mysore campus is a great place to begin career, three months later returned to Bangalore. Ever since its been a great roller coaster. I worked at Mysore, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Milwaukee. Never realized how I finished seven years. Learnt a lot in those seven years. I enjoyed every bit of it.


Last year I took a break from work. It was an year well spent volunteering, traveling and meeting outfoscions & entrepreneurs. Some where inside me I knew I couldn’t go back to my nine to six job. I wanted something which offered me flexibility in terms time, technology and thinking. Hence the move.

Ever since I entered Infosys back after my sabbatical. I was dreading this day. How will it be? Cliched but true, I am full of unknown emotions that cant be described. I am going to miss it.

Thank you Infosys. Its been a pleasure. Ciao.

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Meeting Kris

Posted by Thejesh GN On April - 19 - 20114 COMMENTS

Yes, it needs a post. This was my first ever meet with CXO level official at Infosys. Today some of us who took Community Empathy Sabbatical last year met Kris to share our experiences. He was patient, friendly and generally very nice. Some pictures from that meet.

Community Empathy

team of Infoscions
Number of Infoscions taking community Empathy Sabbatical has increased this year, which is a good news. From my side thanks to Infosys it was a great year for me.

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Stage 4: From mountains to hot Ambala

Posted by Thejesh GN On April - 17 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

This wasn’t the most beautiful but this was the most tiring one :) I (we) never expected riding on regular highways would be so tiring, Well our assumptions were wrong. The roads weren’t exactly like highways we had assumed. It was two way and there was heavy truck traffic. We were also riding in ghat section which means it needed high concentration. I had also not recovered from tiredness of mountain rides. So I was getting tired very often and was affecting our mileage.
 on the way
Except for first few hundred kilometers the rest was very dry too. We weren’t enjoying the ride. We cut short our ride and ended the ride in Ambala. We were out of mountains and now in hot and humid North India.
 on the way
Actually I didn’t even click much pictures that day. All we did was riding and riding. We didn’t do much but felt like we didn a thousand kilometer.
Next few days we roamed across Rajasthan. Wait for those stories.

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Using Barcode Scanner for buying books in India

Posted by Thejesh GN On April - 13 - 20112 COMMENTS is the easiest way to get book prices from all e-stores in India. Given an ISBN code it gives prices from almost all e-stores in India, Very useful. But if you want to check book prices on the go (specially in a physical book store), then it’s not an easy. It’s tedious to get ISBN from the book and then enter it on mobile. What if we combine everything into simple android app I thought. has JSON API anyway. But wait yet another android app? How many apps will I install?

I have Barcode Scanner installed already. It can read barcodes off the book and pass that to any url. There you go. All I need to do was attach the read ISBN code to URL.


//custom search url

1. Once you install the barcode scanner
2. Go to settings
3. Scroll down to custom search url and add

4. Come back and scan the code from any book
5. Once it reads the code, click on custom search button
6. Voila!

Thanks to Swaroop for and cost on kindle would be great :)

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