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Stage 4: From mountains to hot Ambala

Posted by Thejesh GN On April - 17 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

This wasn’t the most beautiful but this was the most tiring one :) I (we) never expected riding on regular highways would be so tiring, Well our assumptions were wrong. The roads weren’t exactly like highways we had assumed. It was two way and there was heavy truck traffic. We were also riding in ghat section which means it needed high concentration. I had also not recovered from tiredness of mountain rides. So I was getting tired very often and was affecting our mileage.
 on the way
Except for first few hundred kilometers the rest was very dry too. We weren’t enjoying the ride. We cut short our ride and ended the ride in Ambala. We were out of mountains and now in hot and humid North India.
 on the way
Actually I didn’t even click much pictures that day. All we did was riding and riding. We didn’t do much but felt like we didn a thousand kilometer.
Next few days we roamed across Rajasthan. Wait for those stories.

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Using Barcode Scanner for buying books in India

Posted by Thejesh GN On April - 13 - 20112 COMMENTS is the easiest way to get book prices from all e-stores in India. Given an ISBN code it gives prices from almost all e-stores in India, Very useful. But if you want to check book prices on the go (specially in a physical book store), then it’s not an easy. It’s tedious to get ISBN from the book and then enter it on mobile. What if we combine everything into simple android app I thought. has JSON API anyway. But wait yet another android app? How many apps will I install?

I have Barcode Scanner installed already. It can read barcodes off the book and pass that to any url. There you go. All I need to do was attach the read ISBN code to URL.


//custom search url

1. Once you install the barcode scanner
2. Go to settings
3. Scroll down to custom search url and add

4. Come back and scan the code from any book
5. Once it reads the code, click on custom search button
6. Voila!

Thanks to Swaroop for and cost on kindle would be great :)

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Javascript API for wordpress posts

Posted by Thejesh GN On April - 11 - 20111 COMMENT

I have been looking at ways of using my activity stream. The stream is a WordPress blog and has various kinds of data (status msg, pictures, links and posts). Eventhough wordpress provides certain xml based APIs, I wanted something simple, that works on client side.

One of the requirement was to pull the latest mobile picture post, to display on my main blog. By default wordpress provides RSS feed for each author, category and tag. It wasnt that difficult to get the latest post but it is difficult to use XML in JavaScript. JSON seemed more useful than RSS. In the mean time Dave Winer was also thinking on similar lines. I thought about writing a plugin to convert RSS feed into JSON feed. But then whole wordpress family seems to like Dave (Remember supports RSS cloud). So I searched wordpress plugins. I found the one which I wanted – Feed JSON . Read the rest of this entry »

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Wines of Bangalore

Posted by Thejesh GN On April - 3 - 20111 COMMENT

This blog post is not for under 18 (under 21 in some parts of the world). If you are not legally allowed to consume alcohol them dont read further :). Okay, for the record I like beer but then once in a while I like other alcohol too. Wine tastes good and also now that we have quite a few good local brands, its become affordable. So kind of become my second choice. Here are my favorite wines from Bangalore.

1. Grover Wines was established on 40 acres of land at the foot of the Nandi Hills in 1998. Today they have about 200+ acres. They produce La Réserve and Art collection series of wines.

La Réserve has a powerful bouquet of luscious ripe red and black fruits with an exquisite hint of spice. It combines grace and splendour on the palate with chocolate, coffee beans and vanilla flavours. The finish is long, ample and almost magical.

Art series will generally have a painting as label. At the bottom of the label you can actually find the artists name.

This relation between fine art and fine wine is wonderfully manifested in the Grover Vineyards “Art Collection”, with wine showing natural elegance and delicacy. Art Collection wines capture your imaginations with its breathtaking abundance of flavours, an extraordinary contrast of richness, freshness and finesse.
Looking at our wines’ labels is a feast for more than just the eyes.

La Réserve is around Rs. 700 and Art series start at around 550. I like Art series.

2. Big Banyan Wines are made through Big Banyan Vineyards at Ramnagaram. They have about 8 types of wines all with the alcohol content of 13%. Most of them are priced around Rs. 450 to Rs. 650.

3. Kinvah is produced by Nandi Valley Winer, Bangalore. They cater to both connoisseurs and novices. ‘Kinvah’ – name is derived from an ancient wine of the same name prevalent in the Mauryan era. I haven’t tasted it yet. I haven’t found one in shop yet. But you can buy them online and they deliver with in Bangalore only ( and free). Probably I will end up buying online. Price ranges around Rs.450.

Let me know if you know any other wine brands which are from Bangalore ( or near by). I would like to taste and also will add it to the list.

PS: Interesting how Bangalore has become center of wine culture in South India,

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Support Bribe Bandh

Posted by Thejesh GN On April - 1 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

We need laws similar to RTI for activists to fight corruption.I think unless we citizen ask for it we wont get it. I Paid a Bribe as part of Bribe Bandh is collecting one million signatures to influence the Indian Government to tighten its laws against corruption.



Go ahead show your support.

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