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RIP: Aaron Swartz

I got to know more about Aaron while using I think he built it during his stint at Reddit. In fact I am such a big fan of that I use it everywhere including at myswar. I used to follow him on his blog and then his work at DemandProgress. He...

The year that was 2012

The year that was 2012

So world didn’t end and hence I am back to give you the status update: Life has been great. I have been blessed with lots of love and care Work at Mavrix has been great and expect some new announcements very soon Work at NextDrop and India Water Portal is exciting to say...


Pictures from Barcelona and Madrid

I spent a week in Barcelona and Madrid. Most of my day was spent in walking and walking. I didn’t visit any museums. Barcelona is known for museums but artsy types. So instead I spend my time wandering, eating, watching people, taking pictures and drinking. Spaniards are very friendly. You can talk to...