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Most of my command line

Posted by Thejesh GN On September - 9 - 2011Comments Off

Most of my life is spent inside a command line. Until last month, you would see me with multiple command lines or multiple tabs. It used to be very confusing and I couldn’t see important ones without multi-monitor setup. When I shifted 20+ inch monitors both at home and work. I wanted to use something that made use of available real estate. That’s when I read about terminator.

Terminator provides a way to arrange terminals in grids on the same screen. So with in the same window I can arrange a lot of terminals the way I want. The picture above should talk by itself. Now my terminal works like a command-line dashboard. Recently I started using it on small screens too. If not anything, at the least I can make use of right side of my screen.

Very recently i shifted from BASH to ZSH.I run Ubuntu on all my personal computing devices.BASH is the default shell on Ubuntu. I had done certain customization to suit my daily requirement. But once I got to know about the Oh-my-zsh, there was no way I could stick to BASH.

oh-my-zsh is zsh on steroids. Its a set of configuration files that attach rockets to your command line. I have modified a bit to suit my use cases but most of the cases are covered by the original project or community submitted plugins. This was something that I was missing for years. Now no more going back to BASH.

In the above picture it shows how my ZSH shows where I am, which machine, which env (virtual/real) and if the current folder is a git/hg repository. How does that look?

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Visualizing Constitution of India – 1

Posted by Thejesh GN On August - 31 - 20112 COMMENTS

I am trying to visualize the constitution of India to make it easy for myself. The first one would be of-course a word cloud. Might take a while to load. Click on the image if you want bigger one.
Constitution of India
More readable one
Constitution of India
I downloaded the PDF files from Govt site. I have uploaded the same to Scribd for easy access and sharing.

Looks like our constitution is very egoistic, speaks more about itself than its people/citizen :)

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Steve Jobs – We will miss you

Posted by Thejesh GN On August - 25 - 20111 COMMENT

Steve Jobs by macevangelist

Note: I am a Linux guy but Steve Jobs’ story is quite an inspiration.

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Right to Fight

Posted by Thejesh GN On August - 25 - 2011Comments Off

Well I have many reasons not to agree with Team Anna. But what I agree is their (or anybody’s) right to fight. Specially if its against a corrupt system. What raged me is tactics used by Government to kill the movement even before it started. And probably that is the reason I support this movement.

Arun Jaitely talks about the same in Rajya Sabha and I completely agree with him.

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My Life in a Distributed Version Control System

Posted by Thejesh GN On August - 5 - 20114 COMMENTS

I am completely sold to DVCS and in particular mercurial. You already know that I maintain most of my projects on bitbucket but what you dont know is the fact that every bit of my creation now lives inside a mercurial repository.
Most of my creations on my laptop are inside Documents folder. I have made two main folders inside documents, code and Docs. Code is a folder with multiple software projects and hence multiple repos. Some of them are open source projects and can be see them on bitbucket.

Docs is a single repository which contains everything else I create. The central repository for this lives on my home server. I pull and push to this home server from my Laptop every-time I connect to my home network. In that way every version of everything I create lives on my laptop and the same thing gets replicated onto home server.

May be in future I will push the repository from my Server(Desktop) to external Mercurial hosting provider (may be a pvt repo on bitbucket).Creating a third backup stored in a different geo location.

You can follow the below steps to have a similar setup.
On Desktop (or your home server):
1. Create a mercurial repository on your desktop using TortoiseHg
2. Add all your present creations into this folder. You can maintain the folder structure as you generally do,
3. Commit the whole folder with contents
4. Start the TortoiseHg – Webserver (allowing push)
5. Now Server (Desktop) is ready to send and receive from everybody in the network (make sure you are okay with that)
6. Repository is served on HTTP @ http://ip_address_of_desktop_or_server:8000

On Laptop(or any machine on the same network)
1. Right click -> TortoiseHg->clone
2. Give the url http://ip_address_of_desktop_or_server:8000
3. Say clone
4. All your creations are on your laptop
5. Make changes
6. Commit often (doesnt matter where you are)
7. Push to your server when you are back at home
8. Of course you can have as many backups as you want, just clone.

Enjoy. Now you have every single step of yours saved and backed up.

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