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Walking around Fort Galle 0

Walking around Fort Galle

If you are following me on instagram you would by now know that we are in Sri Lanka. Both of us love walking, thats our preferred way of exploring new place. Yesterday we walked around beautiful fort Galle. It took us about two and half hours to go around. This is just around...

Religious Freedom In India – No Religion is Valid 0

Religious Freedom In India – No Religion is Valid

For last few weeks I have been debating about the religious freedom in India. Even-though its one of fundamental rights. I had my own questions about it. One also doesn’t know about the rights until it gets challenged in the court of law. This week a set of people asked themselves to be...


Notes from first Data BootCamp India

First ever DataBootCamp in India was organized by ICFJ in collabaration with Data{Meet}, HT, Hacks/Hackers – New Delhi, 9.9 School of Journalism in Delhi. It was a three-day event hosted by Bridge School of Management. It was an interesting gathering as more than 50% were from journalistic background. I have never seen such...