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First year end edition of 1by2Coffee

Posted by Thejesh GN On December - 26 - 2010Comments Off

Probably the longest episode of 1by2coffee where myself and Veetrag speak about everything.

1. Privacy tools for everybody – TorProject (Android app), Eraser, TrueCrypt

2.  Time Man of the year – Mark and Facebook

3.  Calibri ebook management software

4. Veetragś open letter to Yahoo CEO about Delicious

Cup12 – 1by2Coffee First year end edition

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Choropleth maps of Bangalore BBMP Wards

Posted by Thejesh GN On December - 17 - 20107 COMMENTS

“The choropleth map provides an easy way to visualize how a measurement varies across a geographic area or it shows the level of variability within a region.” – Wikipedia

Its an easy, colorful, effective and simple data visualization. At Janaagraha we use them visualize ward level data of Bangalore. A week back I thought it would be useful for others too and hence wrote a small script that could be used by anybody to create choropleth maps for Bangalore.

I wrote the initial script and then Anand helped me by adding more features. Its no where near completion. You can help us to resolve issues or by suggesting features.

Check some choropleth images created using the script.

BBMP Bangalore Election Results 2010 – Party wise breakup
Legends: Saffron for BJP, green for INC, yellow JDS, white for independents, purple for others.
BBMP Bangalore Election Results 2010 - Party wise breakup

BBMP Bangalore 2010 Elections – Gender ratio
Legends: Blue for male candidates, light pink for female candidates, dark pink for female candidates (reserved).
BBMP Bangalore 2010 Elections - Male/Female/Female(Res)

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Let women get in touch with the world

Posted by Thejesh GN On December - 15 - 20103 COMMENTS

As you know I have been working with UbuntuAtWork for an year now. We help women micro entrepreneurs enhance their capabilities, pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations, and escape poverty. According to me computers and internet can help them in big way.

This holiday season I want to raise $500 to setup a computer center at Kodagalli near SriRangapatna. I am personally going there during the holidays to setup the workspace.

These computers will help them to be in touch with the world, to make best natural, sustainable products and sell the same at online bazaar.

Please consider giving to my Holiday Wish, and together we can make the world a better place. If you can’t afford to donate, I’d really appreciate if you’d share this page with your friends.

Dec/15: Friends have been really generous and we have been able to raise $140 with in two days.

Dec/16: We reached $255 today morning. The wishes URL doesn’t show the latest info. They say its a bug and it will be fixed.

Dec/26: $275 as of today.

Dec/30: $325.

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Gadgets of a Motorcyclist

Posted by Thejesh GN On December - 13 - 20101 COMMENT

Nokia N8 – Phone, Camera, HD Videocam
I have been a user of Nokia phone for longest of times. I still have couple of Nokia phones. Nokia sent me N8 to try out during the ride. Its an amazing piece of hardware, survived couple of drops. Camera is superb, it shoots really well. It was my primary and only camera that I carried during the ride. It also shoots the video very well. Check a few videos that I have uploaded.

It has great battery life and display is clear in the sunlight. Of course the sound clarity and network switching is extraordinary.

It still runs Symbian.

Nexus One – Email client, Wifi hotspot, Maps and Twitter client
This has been my primary phone since a year now. It comes with very well integrated Gmail Application which is very much necessary on the go. Also it has all those applications required to be in touch with my dev machines.

I used Google maps extensively. I didn’t carry any other mapping device or map book. I trusted Google to the core. Even though Google didn’t fail but there were cases where I got lost due to GMaps. So its absolutely necessary to *ask* in India. Tracking each other is a big problem when you are riding. There is always a chance one of you get lost or miss other. But If all your co-riders use Google Latitude then that is the best way to track your fellow riders. Latitude is also good way to let your near and dear ones know where you are.

I also used Gplaces but its not as good as foursquare. Foursquare rocks but then there were server problems too. But then suggestions by Foursquare were far better than any other service.

I have an open N1. I can tether on wireless. So it worked as on the go wifi for my N8, netbook etc. Its an awesome to share your internet with your buddies.
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Curiosity is the mother of all

Posted by Thejesh GN On November - 30 - 20108 COMMENTS

T was very young then to understand how the world worked. Even though his parents were Govt employees, they lived in a village outside Bangalore. T was very fond of his mama G (mama means uncle. G was actually his Chikappa, fathers cousin brother but T always called him mama). Well actually he was more fond of his Mama’s autorikshaw which he could rarely see in his village. His mama used visit his parents once in a while mostly in late evenings. But T never missed a chance to get a free ride.

T always overheard his parents discussing about his mama. How his mama left going to school after 8/9th due poverty. How he relocated himself to Bangalore and started earning to support his family etc. They were proud of him because now he owned an auto. T always thought driving auto was cool and love grew much more because of Shankar Nag.

As years passed by visits by his mama reduced. He heard more stories of his mama working as a night watch man in a factory along with driving auto. He heard that his mama works almost 18 hours a day. T wasn’t really happy about it.

What T really didn’t know at that point of time was…

That G was a very curious young man. While he watching the gate at night, he didn’t have much to do, he used to sneak into the factory and watch engineers working with lathe machines. This continued for a while. Then somebody in the factory noticed this curious young man and asked him to work as helper. He was happy.

Years later engineers in the factory were searching for this practically illiterate G to fix a machine. He couldn’t read english text much but he could follow engineering drawings! That is when the owner of the factory noticed him and promoted him. Now he was an engineer.

A few days later this curious young man found an old lathe machine lying in the backyard of a closed down factory. He bought that machine on per kg basis. He fixed it and started using it in his garage.

Ten years later T’s mama owns one of Bangalore known company called Garuda Gears. T now thinks his mama was born to be an engineer and more that an entrepreneur. All it needs is a chance for T to talk about his mama, but this time he just blogged about it.

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