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Recently recorded a new episode of 1by2coffee with Veetrag aka @kv. KV and myself were hosting YAP at one point of time. He was at his home town Udaipur and had some free time. We used this opportunity to record this episode of b2c. The subject of the episode is very well defined by the title. We also talk about blackerry’s issues with Governments.

Go ahead listen
Cup9: Oracle sues Google and Google cheats Net

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I Love Blr : Visualizing Bangalore Temperature

Posted by Thejesh GN On August - 12 - 201024 COMMENTS

I was going through weather data exposed by India Water Portal and I was thinking about an interesting application which would show my love to Bangalore. The best part of Bangalore is its temperature, rains and clouds. So I wrote this small app which uses the data provided by India Water Portal (which in turn is by CRU). IWP has data for all the districts in India, for every month and for multiple parameters. They have data for 100 years. It quite an amount of data to play with if you are interested. They have an easy way of filtering and downloading.

It uses Jquery and data is JSON format. View source the page to get the code. I am not much of a visual guy. I browsed many sites to get a color pattern. Here is what I am using for different temperatures 20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30. All temperatures are monthly averages and are in degree centigrade.

It took two hours for me to code it. Go check the application and let me know what do you think.

I Love Bangalore..because

I will add rain and cloud information once I demystify that data.

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Had great fun recording the eight episode of b2c. Both my guests Shweta and Lavanya are great fun to talk to. I should have them on regular basis. Had to end it abruptly because memory on the phone got over and also we reached our artificial time limit of 30 mins. According to me 30 mins or around 20mb is an optimum size. Let me know if you think otherwise.

BTW this episode is PG13 ( or is it 15?) and above.

Go ahead listen to the show and let me know
Cup8: Indian comics, graphic novels and more

Yes. I am inspired by TWIT and BOL. Why not?

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1by2coffee: Coffee and Conversations with a Geek

Posted by Thejesh GN On August - 1 - 20101 COMMENT

I have been wanting to do podcast for a long time. As you know we started YAPodcast, but we couldn’t continue for many reasons. We are still trying to get it back. In the mean time I wanted to do a shorter form of podcast (max 30 mins and 30mb) in which we can talk about anything geekish. The name should convey our love for coffee, geekishness and sharing. 1by2coffee, a term used in Bangalore to describe sharing a cup of coffee with friends and usually involves interesting conversations. I couldn’t an apt name than 1by2coffee aka b2c. As usual thanks to @vsr for the logo. The blog uses podpress which makes podcasting easy with wordpress.

I have already recorded seven episodes on varying subjects. Head over to b2c to listen to them. You can as well subscribe to the audio feed. As of now we are planning to record once a week.

Thanks to all the early listeners and subscribers. Thanks to all the mails and feedback. Of course if you like to be part of the show, let me know.

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Civic Hacking Workshop

Posted by Thejesh GN On July - 29 - 20108 COMMENTS

A bunch of UK and Indian geeks gathered at Google office while Cameron was praising Sachin at Infosys campus. It was a kind of unconference made possible by CIS, with the UK Government’s Foreign Office and the Cabinet Office Team for Digital Engagement and Google. The discussions were around open data in India ( the lack of it) and UK, and possible ‘civic hacking’ of the data.

Interesting group and discussions #blrhackday #pmindia

Started with general introductions of who they are, what they are working on and problems they have faced, in terms of getting data and pushing back into the main stream.
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