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1by2coffee: Coffee and Conversations with a Geek

Posted by Thejesh GN On August - 1 - 20101 COMMENT

I have been wanting to do podcast for a long time. As you know we started YAPodcast, but we couldn’t continue for many reasons. We are still trying to get it back. In the mean time I wanted to do a shorter form of podcast (max 30 mins and 30mb) in which we can talk about anything geekish. The name should convey our love for coffee, geekishness and sharing. 1by2coffee, a term used in Bangalore to describe sharing a cup of coffee with friends and usually involves interesting conversations. I couldn’t an apt name than 1by2coffee aka b2c. As usual thanks to @vsr for the logo. The blog uses podpress which makes podcasting easy with wordpress.

I have already recorded seven episodes on varying subjects. Head over to b2c to listen to them. You can as well subscribe to the audio feed. As of now we are planning to record once a week.

Thanks to all the early listeners and subscribers. Thanks to all the mails and feedback. Of course if you like to be part of the show, let me know.

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Civic Hacking Workshop

Posted by Thejesh GN On July - 29 - 20108 COMMENTS

A bunch of UK and Indian geeks gathered at Google office while Cameron was praising Sachin at Infosys campus. It was a kind of unconference made possible by CIS, with the UK Government’s Foreign Office and the Cabinet Office Team for Digital Engagement and Google. The discussions were around open data in India ( the lack of it) and UK, and possible ‘civic hacking’ of the data.

Interesting group and discussions #blrhackday #pmindia

Started with general introductions of who they are, what they are working on and problems they have faced, in terms of getting data and pushing back into the main stream.
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7 Years Of Blogging. What Next?

Posted by Thejesh GN On July - 25 - 201010 COMMENTS

I have been here for 7 years now. Thanks to all my readers without whom it wouldn’t have been possible. Initially there used to be separate blogs for my tech and non-tech posts. Then i migrated them to the same blog as they both were very much part of my life.

There are certain subjects that I always constrained myself from blogging. My views on Politics, Economics, History, People, Indian/Western culture, Love, Sex, Spirituality etc. I would like to explore more on them here in future. Of course my notes on tech, travel and life continues. Expect all your support and suggestions.

I was reading a few posts from the past. Even though I remain the same person over the years, I can see I have grown with this blog. Thanks to internet and people it introduces to your life. Hope to see you all for many more years here and hope to catch you in offline world. Coffee is on me.

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TEDx is not about talks

Posted by Thejesh GN On July - 13 - 20102 COMMENTS

Before it becomes a controversy let me rephrase it. TEDx is not just about talks. Sure, it is the place where you can hear best of the people. But TEDx is also about people who have ideas.  This way TEDx is not very different from TED.

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Ijanaagraha – What we have for developers

Posted by Thejesh GN On July - 7 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

Crossposted from Janaagraha.

Three months back when I was introduced to iJanaagraha, by Jaagte Raho! Coordinator Jasmine Shah, I was struck by the amount of geographic and ward data that Bangalore based Not-for-profit Janaagraha wanted to publish. That was the time when Data.Gov was live and developers all around the world were going crazy. I was wondering at the potential of IJ as a developer platform and not just as a social network. It was time to stop wondering and start working towards it.

As you know the biggest inspiration for us was and where the government of US and UK share the raw government data for developers to use. Using data provided by the government, there has been mashups like flyOnTime, visualization of health records and many more interesting and helpful applications.

For example Janaagraha’s Ward Infrastructure and Assessment (WISA) project has ranking data for each of the wards. Think about an application which maps WISA data to land/rent costs in that area. I guess it will be of great help when you want to choose your neighborhood. So it makes much sense to expose the data.

We are still in the early phase of developing the data and map APIs. As much as I want all kind of APIs exposed, I will have to keep check due to available resources. We will start with exposing OpenSocial and limited WISA data. That will probably serve as a pilot. If we find that developers are using the data in a useful way we could get the rest of the data and maps.

Above all IJ is social network which gives information, tools and network to socialites. It provides OpenSocial platform for external developers to launch relevant tools on IJ. Hence in a way, we are providing both a platform and data for interested developers to add those additional functionalities that we haven’t even dreamnt of. Now I am just waiting for the launch.

Thejesh G N


Thejesh is the Technology and Community Manager at Janaagraha. He can be contacted at

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