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Stage 4: From mountains to hot Ambala

Posted by Thejesh GN On April - 17 - 2011

This wasn’t the most beautiful but this was the most tiring one :) I (we) never expected riding on regular highways would be so tiring, Well our assumptions were wrong. The roads weren’t exactly like highways we had assumed. It was two way and there was heavy truck traffic. We were also riding in ghat section which means it needed high concentration. I had also not recovered from tiredness of mountain rides. So I was getting tired very often and was affecting our mileage.
 on the way
Except for first few hundred kilometers the rest was very dry too. We weren’t enjoying the ride. We cut short our ride and ended the ride in Ambala. We were out of mountains and now in hot and humid North India.
 on the way
Actually I didn’t even click much pictures that day. All we did was riding and riding. We didn’t do much but felt like we didn a thousand kilometer.
Next few days we roamed across Rajasthan. Wait for those stories.

Stage-3: Riding to Rohtang pass

Posted by Thejesh GN On February - 13 - 2011

This is one of our toughest rides not just physically but psychologically too. But I should also say it was the best and most beautiful track to ride on. This post is going to be long with lots of pictures. Fill your coffee mug.

When we reached Manali it was already very cold. Upon that we had a bad news waiting for us. Roads to Rohtang was closed due to heavy snowing. People around were not very hopeful about next day too :(
We woke up early next day but it was very very cold. We couldn’t move out until 8. None of us had experience in riding in cold weather. So I wore five layers of clothings and had heavy breakfast before actually starting.

Rohtang is just 57kms from Manali. Its just the nature of the road and weather makes it difficult to reach. To our luck it had not snowed much last night and we had bright sun early in the morning. Just 7/8 kilometers in to the ride, we could see visible changes in our surroundings.

Bright sun, blue skies and clear roads. We were enjoying our roads. I was not really sure about the weather, so started clicking from the word go.
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Stage-2: Unplanned day trip to Manikaran and the decision

Posted by Thejesh GN On January - 31 - 2011

We were already a day behind the schedule and were really slow against our expected average speed. Both my friends had limited number of leaves. They had planned everything. But then the story of Manikaran amazed both of my co-riders. I dint have a fixed plan, I had whole month at my disposal. I agreed to their plan.

Next day morning we left around seven in the morning. It was cold. I was wearing three layers of clothing (including thermal) and a jacket. I realized it was not enough for November. Once we started riding cold started to hurt my skin around neck. So I had to shrug to reduce the expose.

But the route to Manikaran was beautiful. We forgot about everything started enjoy it. We were riding really slow. It took us one and half hours for 45kms.
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Stage-1: From comfort of home to Kullu

Posted by Thejesh GN On January - 25 - 2011

I don’t now how we came up with this plan. But I guess its one of those *30year* beer celebration sessions, I pitched a plan to travel by Himsagar Express, from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. Nothing but just train travel and then return back. For a friend of mine Sandeep that sounded weird. He pitched why not carry bikes along in train and ride it back to Bangalore. To my surprise all of us agreed. Next day all four confirmed too :)
the plan
Next few days were hard-core travel discussions at Alliance Francaise with lots and lots of black coffee. At last with Anand’s help we had a new destination Rohtang Pass and we will end our ride in Bangalore. I named the ride as #3kfor30.

Soon booked rail tickets, shipped bikes through a shipping company, got biking gears etc. I was still in shock. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I thought it was a dream. It can’t be so easy. But then reality hit me when the ride was just a week away. I had signed up my 125cc Yamaha to do 3000kms. I have never ridden it in mountains or more than 1000kms in one trip. And the biggest problem was I have not ridden a motorcycle in last six months!
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Gadgets of a Motorcyclist

Posted by Thejesh GN On December - 13 - 2010

Nokia N8 – Phone, Camera, HD Videocam
I have been a user of Nokia phone for longest of times. I still have couple of Nokia phones. Nokia sent me N8 to try out during the ride. Its an amazing piece of hardware, survived couple of drops. Camera is superb, it shoots really well. It was my primary and only camera that I carried during the ride. It also shoots the video very well. Check a few videos that I have uploaded.

It has great battery life and display is clear in the sunlight. Of course the sound clarity and network switching is extraordinary.

It still runs Symbian.

Nexus One – Email client, Wifi hotspot, Maps and Twitter client
This has been my primary phone since a year now. It comes with very well integrated Gmail Application which is very much necessary on the go. Also it has all those applications required to be in touch with my dev machines.

I used Google maps extensively. I didn’t carry any other mapping device or map book. I trusted Google to the core. Even though Google didn’t fail but there were cases where I got lost due to GMaps. So its absolutely necessary to *ask* in India. Tracking each other is a big problem when you are riding. There is always a chance one of you get lost or miss other. But If all your co-riders use Google Latitude then that is the best way to track your fellow riders. Latitude is also good way to let your near and dear ones know where you are.

I also used Gplaces but its not as good as foursquare. Foursquare rocks but then there were server problems too. But then suggestions by Foursquare were far better than any other service.

I have an open N1. I can tether on wireless. So it worked as on the go wifi for my N8, netbook etc. Its an awesome to share your internet with your buddies.
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