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Book: The Annihilation of Caste

“The Annihilation of Caste” was supposed to be delivered at a conference organized by a Hindu reformist group Jat-Pat Todak Mandal in Lahore, 1936. At last-minute the group took back the invitation saying speech was against Hinduism and its shastras. Ambedkar self published the speech as the book. At that point the content...


RIP: Aaron Swartz

I got to know more about Aaron while using web.py. I think he built it during his stint at Reddit. In fact I am such a big fan of web.py that I use it everywhere including at myswar. I used to follow him on his blog and then his work at DemandProgress. He...


Meeting Woz

I didn’t expect it to happen. It was a very happy surprise. Today is one of the most unforgettable days in my life. I am much bigger fan of him now. I knew he was in Bangalore. I knew he was here for a private secretive conference. But he was not really secretive...