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My Mobile Data Usage

For last six months I have been collecting the data about my internet usage on phone. I was doing this to decide on data plan. This is related to only the data usage on cellular networks and not on WIFI. Its 2G only and was captured using 3G watch Dog. What does data...

Pibb for your communication 0

Pibb for your communication

Pibb is a great way to communicate online, it brings together the familiarity of forums, power of blogs, flexibility of email and convenience of instant messaging in one browser window. All messages are delivered in real time, then archived automatically for later search/viewing. This feature set makes Pibb ideal as a communication back-channel...

What is open id? 1

What is open id?

Here is very good presentation by Simon about OpenId. It explains everything about OpenId a common user should know. Its big but very simple and direct. This post is from On/Off Tips which is a member blog of TechMag Blog Group. All rights are reserved.

Smallest unified IM software : Easy Message 0

Smallest unified IM software : Easy Message

You must be tired of using multiple IM clients to chat with your friends on multiple systems. If you had already known about unified IM software you would have used Trillian , GAIM or Pidgin etc. They all are installable softwares. What if you wanted to carry them on your CD or USB....

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How to store passwords

Chris talks about storing the passwords. He introduces to online password service called passpack. The passpack service is free. It uses AES encryption algorithm to store your passwords on their server.It has many other features like anti phishing etc.If you want to store your passwords online then this could be a good place.Follow...