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Is @tweet4blood successful?

Posted by Thejesh GN On March - 5 - 2010

Its been a year since I launched @tweet4blood with VSR‘s help. It’s not a great geek work, it’s a simple two page application based on twitter api. It didn’t take more than an hour to design and code the app. But for me its been one of the happiest moment as I was trying to use technology and social media in use.

Ever since I launched it, I have been thinking about its success. Is it number of page views? or news paper coverages? or is the number blood requests? But then I thought number of blood donations made due to tweet4blood is the right measure. Even though I couldn’t track it properly, followers of tweet for blood were very kind to send some responses. I am pasting two such mails verbatim here.

1. First Response
“I am a regular blood donor. I always look for opportunities to donate blood the moment three months pass since my last donation. I have registered with multiple blood banks and websites to alert me whenever they need blood of my type in the vicinity. But such systems have turned passive and I started visiting blood banks to donate blood instead of donating it for a person who is in immediate need, admitted in a hospital.

Few months back I came to know about tweet4blood. It is the twitter way of spreading the message for any blood requirements. Since people tweet with blood type, location and phone number, it becomes easy for me to get in touch with the patient and do my best. Earlier, I remember, I used to receive bulk mails for blood donation requests. But things such as tweet4blood have made things easier. My only concern is, India’s poor, who are not exposed to communication channels like emails are twitters may be suffering. We need to address this concern.

2. Second response
“Social networking is a lot of hype and little substance. It is difficult to find a functional application of a social networking platform that does not include a heavy dose of self-aggrandizement. @tweet4blood on Twitter stands-out as an exception. It is functional and practical.

How have I used it?
– As a donor, on three separate occasions I have called a mobile number that was RT’d by @tweet4blood
– On all three occasions I was late, despite calling within a few minutes of receiving the tweet!!
– In other words, the person who answered, said the equivalent of “I appreciate the call. We are covered. We have been flooded with calls from donors.”

I rest my case!

I know it’s not a popular site but I think even if it has helped at least one on this planet earth. It’s successful. What do you think?

LatLong by Onze trying decode the maps for us

Posted by Thejesh GN On January - 11 - 2010

As promised I am starting the outfoscions series with Onze Technologies. With their first and primary product they are trying to decode the maps for the rest of us. Latlong tries to give you the information on the go, hence the best way is to deliver by SMS. But the biggest problem for delivering the route on the SMS is 160 character limit. Guys at Latlong came up with a plan of decoding the last ~5km route to destination. This is a brilliant idea considering most of the time users struggle in last five kilometers. Any detailed information from a known landmark in last five kilometers is the way we generally give directions to our friend. LatLong tries to do the same on sms.
You can start using by sending “help” to 90088 90088.
This Sunday I met them at their office. In fact I used their own service to reach their office. It was great fun talking to all the four (Sud, Rahul, Sairam and Pavaman) founders.
Here is an interview I did with them. I am not an interviewer as such. But I have tried to ask questions, which probably will help you know more about Thank you Sud for taking time out.
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Tweet 4 Blood

Posted by Thejesh GN On February - 23 - 2009

OK. I was getting bored on Saturday and a friend of mine’s father went through heart surgery on last Thursday. Both events inspired me to code tweet4blood

So here it is

tweet4blood is at

From where you can tweet your blood requirement with out logging in. It tweets it to @tweet4blood. If you are a blood donor I request you to follow @tweet4blood and of course RT.

Thanks to VSR for the logo and design input. I owe you a coffee/beer dude.

Suggestion are welcome.

Mobile Apps that I run on Nokia e61i (also includes top 10)

Posted by Thejesh GN On January - 15 - 2009

I have been using Nokia e61i (Symbian S60 3rd edition) for quite some time now. I am happy with it mostly because of the following applications. They are free and they enhance the functionality of my mobile.

  1. Opera Mini is my browser on my mobile. Its open 24X7 on my mobile. It supports book marks (you can also sync the bookmarks if you have Opera Account), offline reading of the pages, supports https, supports uploading files and its fast.
  2. GMail Mobile App is my email client on my mobile. Its faster than the default client. The newer version allows multiple accounts and also allows hosted accounts. It can open basic file formats like txt, doc and jpg. It lacks attachment feature. It also lacks Gchat functionality.This is my second application that will be open as long has my mobile has juice.
  3. MobiGenie is my answering machine. It runs locally and hence I do not have to pay my service provider. You can set up many things like answer by voice and record, reply by sms, block the caller etc. You can record custom welcome message in your own voice. You can export the voice message as mp3 files. Thanks to Asgatech company behind MobiGenie.
  4. Qik is my live video production house. It runs on my mobile and sends the live video to the world. You can either see my live on qik/thej or at my *live* site. I have used qik to live stream cycling even and a marathon. In future I might even have scheduled live program ( on the lines of schedule live video interviews/podcatst). You can watch the past videos, you can download them for offline viewing too.
  5. MgMaps is my map on phone. It has Yahoo, Yahoo India, MS Live, Ask, Open Street and wikimapia on it. It can work with external/internal GPS. It can even pre download the map images and store it on your memory card for offline usage.   It also has subway maps for major cities and FON locations. Geek stuff: It can also display kml files. I usually use it while traveling.
  6. Fring is my voip client. I use it log into my skype account. But you can use it log into any SIP account. It works on both edge and wifi. It also supports Yahoo IM , ICQ, MSN and Gtalk.
  7. Putty – s2putty is my on the go command line. Its an open source project on sourceforge. It works all most like putty on your desktop. What more do you want as a developer on the go?
  8. DEdit is the best text editor on the go. It is the best full screen editor available for s60 phones. It supports different character encoding like ASCII and Unicode.  It supports really big files (mega byte files). It has search/replace and book marking features. Its my IDE on the go.
  9. Twitxme or Twitxr is my image/picture uploader. I use it to upload the picture on the go. I have also configured it to upload the same pics to flickr and facebook. It also tweets to my twitter/thej account. It works pretty well.
  10. Autolock is also recent addition to my list of software. For some strange reason e61i does not have auto locking feature for keypad. So i had to install this program. It works pretty well but I want PIN support.

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I will be at Nokia Open Labs workshop – Helsinki

Posted by Thejesh GN On September - 6 - 2008

Now that I have got the official name of the workshop let me write about it in detail. I will be attending the inaugural “Open Lab” Workshop at Helsinki. Thanks to Nokia and WomWorld for the invitation and sponsorship. There will be 35 people from all around the world with different backgrounds attending this event. I am not sure about the number of attendees from India.

It’s taking place in September between the 11th and 14th, and will be the first of its kind hosted by Nokia. We’re contacting everyone from creative’s, designers, video producers to open source software bloggers and mobile tech pioneers. There will be a number of workshops that’ll see discussion with participants, and with Nokia guys, about the future of different online arenas and mobile technology. Workshops that we hope you’d like to join in with and make yourself heard.

You know how much I like myself to be heard. Now this is also a great opportunity to meet other bloggers/twitters from all around the world. I hope we will have a tweetup on one of those evenings.

The workshop will revolve around four topics. Neighborhood which will revolve around online communities, social media, networking etc. Connected Life, Entertainment, Work are the other main topics of the workshop.

During the workshop I will also get a chance to try out Nokia E71. Now that I like my eE1i so much; I am very eager to try E71. Wait for my detailed review.

Mean while did a Google search to find other participants of the workshop. I can see Micki, Mike, Nick, Rebecca coming to Open Labs. Who else is joining us?

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