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First class experience

I am teaching Processing to Information and Interface Design students at NID, Bangalore. I am just back from my first class. This is the first time I am teaching in a class setup. I have taught before in a corporate setup. Most of my students have visual arts background and have no prior...

data usage 1

My Mobile Data Usage

For last six months I have been collecting the data about my internet usage on phone. I was doing this to decide on data plan. This is related to only the data usage on cellular networks and not on WIFI. Its 2G only and was captured using 3G watch Dog. What does data...

Game of Life with Processing.js 8

Game of Life with Processing.js

I was bored. So I thought of playing Game of Life. I got to know about it through hacker logo which is the glider pattern from the Game of Life. While playing I thought let me code it processing.js. Game of life is a simple game with no interaction involved once you start...