Monthly Archive: June 2007

Pibb for your communication 0

Pibb for your communication

Pibb is a great way to communicate online, it brings together the familiarity of forums, power of blogs, flexibility of email and convenience of instant messaging in one browser window. All messages are delivered in real time, then archived automatically for later search/viewing. This feature set makes Pibb ideal as a communication back-channel...

Smile please 3

Smile please

Captured this picture on Manju’s wedding day. Kids were the only few who were enjoying the marriage (I mean everybody else where in tension!). I just asked them once …and they were ready.

Keep your hard disk clean 0

Keep your hard disk clean

In this video Chris gives you tips on keeping your hard disk clean. This post is from On/Off Tips which is a member blog of TechMag Blog Group. All rights are reserved.

Roof top film festival 0

Roof top film festival

You want to hang out with like minded people. Watch some movies and appreciate them. Then “Roof Top Film Festival” is for you. Roof-Top film Fest (RTFF) is a film festival born out of the desire to provide a platform for people to enjoy movies and share their criticism in an open environment....