Monthly Archive: June 2007

How NOT To Use Powerpoint 0

How NOT To Use Powerpoint

Don McMillan gives a short comedy sketch (in the video above) around powerpoint presentations and the common mistakes that people make. This post is from On/Off Tips which is a member blog of TechMag Blog Group. All rights are reserved.

Babaji bless all our soldiers 1

Babaji bless all our soldiers

What saves a soldier in this cold? Is it the Old Monk, photos, magazines or GOD? Its the faith that they have in super power. Baba mandir is one such place where both civilians and service personnel arrive for faith. Baba Mandir is at 13000 ft on the way to Nathula pass. The...

Ubuntu Based Media Center – Mythbuntu 0

Ubuntu Based Media Center – Mythbuntu

There seems to be a series of Ubuntu based Linux distros coming out. The new one being Mythbuntu. Mythbuntu is for home user who wants use his comp as media center. The alpha release is out. You can download the live CD iso at their site. Mythbuntu is an Ubuntu derivative focused upon...

The great escape 1

The great escape

Subash has been one of my heroes since school time. How can I miss visiting his home when I have been to Kolkatta all the way from Bangalore? After visiting to Kali Mandir we caught the metro to reach Netaji House. Unfortunately it was 4:15pm by the time we reached. And they close...