Monthly Archive: July 2007

Lalbagh Walks 4

Lalbagh Walks

Its pretty sad that we know very little about our city. I have been living in Bangalore for about 25 years now. Yet I dont know many things. A frind of mine suggested me to take Bangalore Walks to know more about the city. Walks are mainly for the outsiders visiting the city....

Plan- Bangalore to Kanyakumari 8

Plan- Bangalore to Kanyakumari

The plan for the ride would be something like this. Day 1- Friday :10/08 10pm – Stay Huskur Gate Day 2 -Saturday:11/08 4:30am – Leave to Madhurai Day 3 -Sunday:12/08 05:00am – Leave to Kanyakumari Day 4 -Monday:13/08 02:00pm – Leave Kanyakumari Day 5 -Tuesday:14/08 05:00am – Day 6 -Wednesday:15/08 05:00am – 05:00pm...