Monthly Archive: August 2007

FilmCamp – first of its kind 13

FilmCamp – first of its kind

You have heard of Barcamp right? There were wikicamp, blogcamp, wordcamp too. Introducing you to FilmCamp first of its kind for filmmakers and filmbuffs.Visit to register your film or your participation.UPDATE: FilmCamp is now happening on 6th and 7th Oct Announcing “FilmCamp”, a platform to encourage and promote independent film makers. Also...

How does Gmail reach your inbox 1

How does Gmail reach your inbox

We asked you to help us imagine how an email message travels around the world. All it took was a video camera, the Gmail M-velope , and some creativity — and, wow, did you get creative

My Most Read Article on the Web 0

My Most Read Article on the Web

An how-to article on VLC called “How to Capture the Screen Using VLC for ScreenCasting” is my most famous article/post on the web. Its been stumbled here. Its been read about 40000+ times until now.I am surprised to see how much traffice Stumbleupon can bring to your site. Thanks to all those who...

Innovative Mobile PCO using WLL phone 5

Innovative Mobile PCO using WLL phone

Check the bag and the Tata Indicom WLL phone. The guy is a mobile STD/ISD PCO. People who don’t have mobile phone can use his phone to call home/friends in the train. This is what I call Innovation. I think the business model will work. Many Indian train stations don’t have PCO booths...

Destiny Farmstay at Ooty 10

Destiny Farmstay at Ooty

When Matty floated this idea of Ooty I was in two minds. My image of Ooty had lots of newly married couples or families with lots of kids. I don’t have problem with families or couples. But they don’t fit into my idea of vacation at hill station. Matty did an excellent job...

What is LinkLogger Feed? 6

What is LinkLogger Feed?

Everyday I find at least two or three good websites to use. Initially I used blog about them. But then blogging everyday about some website/tool is pain. Now I link only when I have a proper review post. The rest of my best links go to LinkLogger. LinkLogger is where I log about...