Monthly Archive: October 2008

Why comments in the code are not always good! 8

Why comments in the code are not always good!

Why comments in the code are not always good! (1) Because they are not updated. When ever the code is changed, the comments should also be changed. But it may happen like the code is updated but not the comments which may confuse the next developer. (2) Maintenance problem. Highly commented code is...

Live blogging Chandrayaan 1 14

Live blogging Chandrayaan 1

I was waiting for this day since they announced Chandrayaan. Its one of the biggest moment for every Indian’s life. How can I let it go out of my hand. I blogged it live from my home. There were other friends online along with me to watch the launch together virtually. It feels...


City of Helsinki

Helsinki or Helsingfors is the capital and largest city of Finland. Thanks to Nokia and Womworld I got a chance to visit Helsinki. After three days of very interesting OpenLab workshop, I had two days to roam around in Helsinki. Like any backpacker I looked for a Hostel to stay. The Helsinki Stadium...

100000 3


Congrats to Infy aka Infosys on reaching magic number 100000. Now we are a family of one lakh members across the world. 19675 makes me feel so old :) Src:Fact sheet: Results for the Second Quarter ended September 30, 2008.

Remembering Shankar Nag 35

Remembering Shankar Nag

Knowingly or unknowingly I was talking about Shankar Nag’s (Shankar Nagarakatte) talent and films yesterday. 18 years have passed since we lost a great director/actor of Kannada film industry. We Kannadigas are still trying to find a Shankar Nag in every debutant. Shankar who gave us movies like Minchina Oota, Accident, Noodi Swamy...