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City of Helsinki

Helsinki or Helsingfors is the capital and largest city of Finland. Thanks to Nokia and Womworld I got a chance to visit Helsinki. After three days of very interesting OpenLab workshop, I had two days to roam around in Helsinki. Like any backpacker I looked for a Hostel to stay. The Helsinki Stadium...

100000 3


Congrats to Infy aka Infosys on reaching magic number 100000. Now we are a family of one lakh members across the world. 19675 makes me feel so old :) Src:Fact sheet: Results for the Second Quarter ended September 30, 2008.

Remembering Shankar Nag 35

Remembering Shankar Nag

Knowingly or unknowingly I was talking about Shankar Nag’s (Shankar Nagarakatte) talent and films yesterday. 18 years have passed since we lost a great director/actor of Kannada film industry. We Kannadigas are still trying to find a Shankar Nag in every debutant. Shankar who gave us movies like Minchina Oota, Accident, Noodi Swamy...