Monthly Archive: February 2009

My Twitter Followers :) 6

My Twitter Followers :)

Its a mosaic of all my twitter followers (48pxx48px) profile pictures. Its a long post to be completely displayed on front page. So click on the link.

Tweet 4 Blood 7

Tweet 4 Blood

OK. I was getting bored on Saturday and a friend of mine’s father went through heart surgery on last Thursday. Both events inspired me to code tweet4blood So here it is tweet4blood is at From where you can tweet your blood requirement with out logging in. It tweets it to @tweet4blood. If...

Tips for Long Night Drive 9

Tips for Long Night Drive

I love to drive in the night. But night drives are not for everybody. If you like driving and if you enjoy conversation/music then its the best you can have. Its mostly peaceful and there will be more professionals on the road so you just have to follow the rules. Night driving in...

I’ll Sleep When I Am Dead 6

I’ll Sleep When I Am Dead

I am not sure why I started feeling like that. But by the end of the year 2008 I had this feeling that I am wasting my time by sleeping. On 2nd Jan 09 this came into my mind. “If i sleep one hour less everyday. I will get 365 hours per years....

Kodava Marriage – Respecting Maternal Family 7

Kodava Marriage – Respecting Maternal Family

A very close Kodava friend of mine got married recently. I am planning to write series of posts on Kodava marriage rituals. This is first one of the series. Kodavas are a warrior community and their wedding rituals involve symbolic warfare. This ritual of cutting banana shoots is to show respect to maternal...