Monthly Archive: April 2009

Vote 6


Please do vote. I usually vote to a National Party* when I am voting for Lok Sabha. Regional parties and independents are usually spoilers or vote splitters. So think logically and vote. * Only BJP and Congress are national parties according to me. Update April/24: I voted but very disappointed.

40-twits app similar to @davewiner’s 0

40-twits app similar to @davewiner’s

After looking at Dave Winer’s Top 40 links on twitter app, I wrote my own version of it called TopLinks It displays the the top links (sorted by number of visits, like digg) shared by me on twitter in last 400 tweets. Its been scheduled to run once every hour.The logic is little...

Hacking sleep two months later 6

Hacking sleep two months later

I have been hacking my sleep to achieve the optimum sleeping period. Two months back when I started this experiment, I was sleeping almost 9 hrs per day. Today I am spending only 6.5 hrs per day on sleep. The gain of 2.5 hours per day is very big. It started with reducing...

Nano is the Netbook of Automobile world 2

Nano is the Netbook of Automobile world

Nano is the Netbook of Automobile world. Yes, its the EEEPC of car world.  Both of them have very similar characteristics. 1. They are affordable EEEPC is affordable compared to other laptops available. Nano too is very very affordable. Asus with EEEPC created a new market, I guess the Nano will do the...

How to kill that Digg Bar Frame 4

How to kill that Digg Bar Frame

Digg recently introduced url shortener. This is not your standard url shortener where the shortener does a 302 forward. Digg shortener displays destination site in a frame. Which means the reader still stays on the Digg. Most of the modern web analytics software will be able to record this visit, but it will...