Monthly Archive: May 2009

My New Geek Toy Cannondale F8 bike 22

My New Geek Toy Cannondale F8 bike

OK.. After a lot of thinking..rethinking and multiple calculations, I gifted myself an early birthday gift, a Cannondale F8. It costed a bomb but worth every paisa. well its been a long time dream to own onw of these which came true today. As of now I am planning to cycle twice a...

Ideas for India’s future 6

Ideas for India’s future

Nandan talks about ideas for India’s future at TED. He talks about the ideas which made India what it is today. He talks about the ideas which are in the phase of implementation, which are in discussion and at last for the future. He also give his points why the world should worry...

Culture of Continuous Learning 18

Culture of Continuous Learning

I had a conversation with my team mate about the recent buzz word in the market upgrading yourself. The buzz word used by most of the bosses to warn the young generation mostly in connection with recession and pink slip. Both of us were of the opinion that continuous learning (or so called...