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The year that was 2009 3

The year that was 2009

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Even though I am in no mood of writing, I want to keep the tradition of yearly (2007,2008) posts going. Hence this small post 1. We lost many icons this year. Started with MJ and then concluded with C. Ashwath and Vishnu. 2. For me this had been the year of marriages. Most...

Two great souls.. 2

Two great souls..

This last week of 2009 is probably the worst week of this decade for Kannadiga’s. We lost two really big artists and more than that great human beings. C. Ashwath Much before Kodagana Koli Nugitta became famous outside Karnataka (thanks to Raghu Dixit), it was introduced to Kannadigas by C.Ashwath. He made all...

Sabbatical : Time for unofficial official announcement 33

Sabbatical : Time for unofficial official announcement

There are so many things, that I want to do in my life. Life these days is so fast paced (or slow paced) that you rarely get a chance to do what you want. Along with personal inabilities that we fight, other close constraints like society, money, fear, family responsibilities, friends and competition...

One Advice : Dont watch Avatar 8

One Advice : Dont watch Avatar

You have been warned, don’t watch it. Because once you watch it, the movies wont remain movies for you. Every other movie will look very very ordinary. Once the movie started, I was like wow, then fcuk.. then amazing.. then… then.. then silence for next two hours. It was 2 hours:45 minutes of...

Love and Sex 2

Love and Sex

Yesterday I was at friend’s place for dinner. As usual we were talking about many things from twitter, to taking breaks, to brand images to MJ. Then suddenly I had to give this quote from one of the TED speeches, but then both of them are mostly non techies. So I had to...

An Evening Chai at Char Minar 9

An Evening Chai at Char Minar

This is yet another long post. So give it time to load and take a big cup of coffee before start reading it. As most of you who follow me on twitter know that I am in Hyderabad. This Saturday me and my friend Achalesh decided to explore some parts of Hyderabad. We...