Monthly Archive: March 2010

Google Nexus One Review 20

Google Nexus One Review

Okay. Nexus one is still not available in India. A friend of mine got it for me from USA. I am not really happy with Google there. Anyways, let me get back to the review part of it. When ever I get a new gadget, the kid in me wakes up. I use...


BBMP Elections are here

At last the goverment has decided to conduct the elections. Its going to happen mar 28, 2010l. Local elections are very important for the city. There are many events scheduled to help citizens make an informed choice. Here are some Suvarna Bengaluru Pranalike: On Friday, 19 March @ Town Hall, JC Road (near...

Is @tweet4blood successful? 5

Is @tweet4blood successful?

Its been a year since I launched @tweet4blood with VSR‘s help. It’s not a great geek work, it’s a simple two page application based on twitter api. It didn’t take more than an hour to design and code the app. But for me its been one of the happiest moment as I was...