Monthly Archive: September 2010

Tweet4Blood goes OpenSource 4

Tweet4Blood goes OpenSource

Thanks to people around me Tweet4Blood went Open Source a few days back. The source code is now available on GitHub for anybody to fork and continue development. Last two weeks I have been really busy with I could not deploy the latest version onto I did that today. Now it...

Cup10: Happy Engineer’s Day 1

Cup10: Happy Engineer’s Day

I couldn’t miss talking about Sir MV whose birthday is celebrated as Engineers Day, which is today, Sep 15th. I was so tired, so I talked only about this and hence probably this is the shortest. But we will be back next week. PS: I am a Sir MV fanboy. Cup10: Happy Engineers...

Online options for Kannada music lover 8

Online options for Kannada music lover

I listen to Kannada music a lot. I mostly end up buying CDs and then rip them so I can use it on my ipod or Nexus1. Its such a waste of resources. CD (eWaste) plus my time and money. Last few months I was searching for a good Kannada online music store...