I have listed here some of the most important projects. You can find all of them at bitbucket.

1. hg4subl
A simple Sublime Text plugin for hg (mercurial). I am calling it hg4subl. Its completely inspired by sublime-text-2-git which I use.The plugin can upgrade itself unlike git version :)

2. octopoda
A simple MapReduce framework for Humans. Its a single one file python framework.

3. pyg2fa
Google two factor authentication impl in python. You can use it in your own web/batch applications. Your users can use Google Auth android/iphone app to get OTP. Two factor authentication is a great security feature. But its difficult to send token generator to all your users. But then these days everybody has an android or iphone. Also its nice to ride on the reach of Google. Google has introduced two factor authentication based on TOTP which is an open standard. Google's android/iphone app implements the same. The app also provides multiple profiles. Uses can use it with as many web applications as possible. This API implements the server side TOTP.

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