Workshop or Class Notes

  1. Processing - 101 Introduction to Processing. From my class @ NID, Bangalore. Set of four modules which was used in the teaching.
  2. Map Class - Introduction From my class @ NID, Bangalore. 2014.
  3. Data Journalism Workshop - Lab Lab notes, exercises etc, from Data Journalism Workshop, Bangalore. Nov/2014. Organized by Data{Meet}, The Hoot and Oorvani Foundation.
  4. HackShop - Workshop+Hackathon @ The Asian College of Journalism, Chennai, Feb/2015
  5. Liberate PDF - Workshop+Hackathon @ IITB, Bangalore organized by Data{Meet}, Mar/2015

Presentations or Slides

  1. Decentralize Internet. From Barcamp, Bangalore, 11-Feb-2012 .
  2. Graphics for the Web - Introduction From WebApps, 2012, Bangalore, 18-Aug-2012.
  3. Sound and Slides Proof of Concept.
  4. Large Scale Telephonic Polls DataMeetUp, Bangalore. 2014.
  5. Quest for Open Data DataMeet & RHoK, Bangalore. 2014.