Lab 7 - Data Copyright and Licenses

Created Monday 17 November 2014 - Lab Home


  • Copyright law does not apply to facts, data, or ideas.
  • Databases can be copyrighted if they are creative
  • Simply working really hard to gather the data, doesn't make it eligible for copyright (Eg: Phone lists)
  • Terms you agree while receiving data are over and above the copyright

Taking care of License Terms while using

  • No specific license mentioned
  • Creative Commons
  • Open Database License
  • Data obtained through RTI

Setting License Terms while sharing

  • Community friendly?
  • Commercial friendly?
  • Resuse?
  • Attribution conditions
  • License for creatives
  • License for Data


  • Always attribute to the source of data
  • Not just from terms PoV but also increase readers confidence
  • Consider different ways to attribute on Web, Print or Journals


Open Database Licenes - For Data

Creative Commons - For Creatives

Free and Open Source - For Code and related stuff