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DIY Decentralize Intenet. A start Use spacebar

A discussion led by
By Thejesh GN

Why decentralize?




fun, profit and to satisfy my geek paranoia

Lets talk about your identity

who owns it?

in real world

Government* in the form of Passport, Driving License, Voters id card, etc..

*Can revoke them any time for any silly reason

But for my friends

I am still Thejesh GN

Only I can revoke it


Governments and companies* in the form of email ids, domain names etc..

*Can revoke them any time for any silly reason

But for my friends

I am still 0xBFFC8DD3C06DD6B0

Only I can revoke it
Use GPG - Person
  1. - Sign documents for your friends
  2. - Encrypt everything
  3. - Build geek social network (WoT)
  4. - Own your identity online
Use GPG - Companies
  1. - Your customer owns his data
  2. - He is responsible for his security
  3. - He is responsible for his privacy

Ex: Take fpr as user_id and show encrypted pw for login. User has to decrypt the pw using his gpg and login. Check how works

Sign my 0xBFFC8DD3C06DD6B0

So how do you share your files?


Is it completely free of centralized network?

Use Tribler

p2p bittorrent client. With DHT and distributed indexing and searching.

Is it private?

Not really. You are sharing with the world and everybody can see your bits.

Use Retroshare


RetroShare is free software for encrypted, serverless email, Instant messaging, BBS and filesharing based on a friend-to-friend network built on GPG. It is not strictly a darknet since peers can optionally communicate certificates and IP addresses from and to their friends.

How will you host your blog?
What is blog? A personal, confirmed note from me to all of you, my audience across the world.

Ex: I use retsoshare forums to reblog my blog. Its signed by me. And its hosted on my WoT. Nobody can pull it down until one of you keep it going.

My p2p Blog

From me to you directly. It has an url too.

Its difficult
Email was very difficult for my dad. He learnt it.

So go create your GPG keys.
$gpg --gen-key
Make sure its atleast 4096 bytes RSA

Thanks for participating
I am Thejesh GN
My key is 0xBFFC8DD3C06DD6B0
Lets meet to sign each others keys.
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