Urban Data Portal


Thejesh GN

Who am I?

I am Thejesh GN, Technologist from Bangalore.

Co-founder of DataMeet Community.

DataMeet is a community of Data Science and Open Data enthusiasts in India.


What's OpenCity? is an Urban Data Portal

A collaboration between Oorvani Foundation and DataMeet.

It's a minimum viable product to prove the idea


Opening up data beyond academic use

Make it simple and searchable*

Documents are also data

Just enough technology to deliver the service

Build Community


A simple website

Data - CSV, PDF or KMLs

No API's

Optimize it for Google and other search engines

Getting Things Done and Get Back to Work

How did it go?

405 Cleaned Datasets and 1165 Documents

Three cities

Multiple Open Work Day Meetups

Find it

Get it

People like it

What next?

More cities

Build Bigger Community

APIs and Visuals?

Thank You

BY Thejesh GN /

Watch this movie when you find time. Thank you.