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Coffee mead by Moonshine

Weekly Notes 40/2022

This week we celebrate the birthdays of Gandhi and Shastri. Two honest men Indian politics has ever seen. What I appreciated most in Gandhi was his sense of self-criticism and his ability to speak/write about his weakness in public. I don’t think normals can do it then or even today. In Shastri, his simplicity and ability to remain sane while in power and give up the power when required amazes me. It just seems too farfetched in today’s society. 

Picture of Temp Traveller

Weekly Notes 36/2022

We celebrate September 5th as teachers’ day in India. It used to be significant when Amma was alive and working. She used to get a lot of gifts from her students, flowers (especially roses), Cadburys five star, peacock feathers, Coffee Byte toffee, etc. She used to say government primary school kids are the best. Personally, teaching has been a fantastic experience for me. It has made me more empathetic.