Thejesh GN's Notes'

3. Map Services

Created Monday 10 November 2014 - Map Class

  • Tiled map service
    • URI in REST
    • Simpler than WMS
    • Google, OpenStreetMaps, MapQuest (OSM) or MapBox (OSM), ESRI

  • Web Map Service
    • WMS
    • Serves georeferenced map images
    • Serves map in bitmap (PNG, GIF), Can also include vector maps like lines , served as SVG
    • Example, like bhuwan or open weather map for data

  • SVG Based Maps
    • Jvector Maps
    • Polymaps
    • You can manipulate the map the way you do SVG graphics
    • Can be use in conjunction with TMS or can be used independently
    • Works fine on modern web browsers