Thejesh GN's Notes'

5. Lab

Created Monday 10 November 2014 - Map Class

Available Data to experiment

  • Bangalore Data (Ward maps, BBMP election results, census data at BBMP level)
  • BMTC Data (Bus stops and routes)
  • BWSSB data (Water boundaries)
  • PC and AC data, Election results


  • GIS DB & GIS functions
    • Find center of Polygons
      • Go to the menu -> Vector -> Geometry tools -> polygon centroid and create a centroid point layer
    • Find if a point is inside a polygon (which ward do i belong)
      • Intersect between points layer polygon layer
      • Join attributes by location
      • Add polygon attributes to points
      • Terraformer JS script
      • SpatialLite DB (spatialite_gui)

select * from BBMP_wards_2011_region 
ST_Within(ST_GeomFromText("POINT(77.59456269966904 12.971598700795482)"),Geometry)

  • Difference between layers
    • Old BBMP
    • New BBMP
  • Intersection (common area)
    • BBMP
    • Pincode