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Obsessed with Einstein

For a long time I was scared to read Einstein. Most of my physics reading was Richard Feynman’s essays. I think its more to do with his life and character than the physics itself. If I remember properly I read A Brief History of Time when I was in college. That’s the closest...


Book: An Atheist with Gandhi

It’s an interesting book to read. Written by Goparaju Ramachandra Rao nicknamed Gora about his experience of living at Sevagram and his conversations around atheism with Gandhi. It’s interesting because Gandhi is a super-believer and Gora is an atheist. Gora is an interesting personality. He along with his wife were the founders of...


Book: How to Lie with Statistics

In an era where every fight online is fought with numbers, this 50-year-old book should be made a compulsory college reading. Stats and graphs are part every news-hour show and part of every political discourse now. But every bit of number is taken as fact instead of being questioned. This is where Darrell...