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Maximum Change

It’s been two months that Max has been with us. It seems like he has been with us forever. I must say he has changed us more than anything else. No matter what; we need to wake up early to take him out for walk and cook for him. In a way I...


Book: The Annihilation of Caste

“The Annihilation of Caste” was supposed to be delivered at a conference organized by a Hindu reformist group Jat-Pat Todak Mandal in Lahore, 1936. At last-minute the group took back the invitation saying speech was against Hinduism and its shastras. Ambedkar self published the speech as the book. At that point the content...


Demonetisation with Srinivasan Ramani

Srinivasan Ramani is Deputy National Editor who works with data at The Hindu. He has been a long time member of DataMeet community. This week I caught up with him to talk about Demonetisation move by Government of India. Show Notes Government Press Release -PDF PM Modi Announces Notes Ban In Anti-Corruption Move,...