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TextAdept is fun to use and hack – Part 1

Posted by Thejesh GN On February - 28 - 20151 COMMENT

I am a happy SublimeText customer. I am really happy with it. It’s an awesome text editor with great community and plugins. But it’s not a FOSS. I was always in look out for a simple but extendable, customizable, super fast text editor. Recently when I picked up Lua to learn I chanced upon TextAdept. Its everything I wanted though it lacks the community that other editors have. May be its just matter of time.

By definition Textadept is a fast, minimalist, and remarkably extensible cross-platform text editor. Even though TextAdept is composed of various technologies at the heart its Scintilla with Lua as its main scripting language. All in all its 2000 lines of C code and less than 4000 lines of Lua code.


I have customized TextAdept to my heart’s content. I still do a bit every day. In this blog series I will try to note what I find interesting about TextAdept and what customizations I did.

All the settings, themes, modules are stored inside the .textadept folder inside user’s home folder. When the TextAdept boots it loads ~/.textadept/init.lua. You can include all your customizations in your init.lua or you call other scripts from there.

Textadept customize its look and feel, using themes. Themes are just Lua scripts. Theme files usually live inside ~/.textadept/themes folder. You can load a specific theme from your init.lua file.

Considering you a theme file called inside


You can include the following lines inside init.lua

ui.set_theme(not CURSES and 'base16-monokai-dark')

TextAdept comes with two themes by default. A dark and light theme. But I use base16 based themes. There is a git repository of TextAdept base16 based themes. Just clone it into you ~/.textadept/themes folder and then include the theme you want. I have made some changes to monokai theme. You can find it on Gist if you like use it.

As part of themes you can change many other things. For example by using the following settings you can set

buffer.view_ws            = buffer.WS_VISIBLEALWAYS
buffer.use_tabs           = true
buffer.wrap_visual_flags  = buffer.WRAPVISUALFLAGLOC_START_BY_TEXT
buffer.wrap_mode          = buffer.WRAP_WHITESPACE

Make the white space always visible. Wrap the text lines and use a character to show the wrapped line. It shows up like in the picture below.

You can obviously change the font for the code. I really love Anonymous Pro. It’s designed with coding in mind. Its clean, clear and beautiful. It’s also available under Open Font License (OFL). In the screenshots above you can see how Anonymous Pro looks.

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Reblog: Hope You Find Your Sri Lanka

Posted by Thejesh GN On January - 19 - 20151 COMMENT

A detailed blog with lots tips from our time in Sri Lanka…reblogged

Sri Lanka was my promise. Long before we got together for real, I had promised to take him there–it was to be our first getaway. Time took a hike for weeks, months, years only to return as our first wedding anniversary. SL will forever be that familiar yet special place.

We were there in October 2014–the sea was raining kissed on the landscape. First impression–a cleaner Kerala. Being South Indian in colour my “Sinhalese ancestery” was a foregone conclusion. I had it easy, easier than him–Everyone seemed to know me but looked at him suspiciously! However, it did help that the mention of fish, string hoppers and appam makes me light up.

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Sense Your City

Posted by Thejesh GN On January - 15 - 20153 COMMENTS

This would be my third sensor in the city. You already know about the first two. This one is part of much bigger community called Sense Your City. As part of Sense your City, 100 people in 7 cities across the world will build and install the sensors. These sensors will measure air quality, noise, pollution, light and temperature. All sensors are expected to start streaming from 15th Jan and the data API’s will be available for exploring from Feb 6th. Last night I installed mine. There are totally 14 installations with-in Bangalore.




I have quite a few ideas for exploring and visualizing the data. Specially using the data from Bangalore’s sensors and other weather information. I am more than happy to collaborate on these ideas. Please do write to me if you have any ideas that we can collaborate on or you want to collaborate on my ideas. This will be my part of my Happy Tuesdays for a while.
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Pictures: One more weather station

Posted by Thejesh GN On January - 12 - 20153 COMMENTS

We just added one weather station to my house. So I have now two weather stations running in two different parts of Bangalore. This time we used one by Yuktix, A Bangalore based start-up. It has much better sensors compared to my NetAtmo. I will share more details about the same in couple of days.

But here are some pictures from installation process. Appa was as curious as Kids and also he was the most hands-on guy compared to any one of us. Since the carpenter didn’t turn up, he took that job. And as usual did a fabulous job of installing it.
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I am Liking My Pebble Watch

Posted by Thejesh GN On January - 8 - 2015Comments Off

I got to know about Pebble when it became a super hit on Kickstarter. I don’t think I was on kickstarter then. It looked great on the paper but then investing $99 without knowing the outcome seemed like an expensive affair for me. But then I have followed them ever since. They have got really positive news since the beginning. Now I know why!

This year when I was looking for a practical smart watch, my requirements were very simple. Pebble was a perfect match.

  1. Fast and Reliable – Runs FreeRTOS and really fast.
  2. Usable – No touch screen. I don’t miss it. UI is simple, black & white slides based, Screen is big and clear, Hardware buttons work really well. Specially when you are involved in something else, which is almost all the time.
  3. Good Battery life – 5 days minimum and charges very quickly
  4. Water Proof – 5ATM so Rains, Shower, Swim etc is easy
  5. Adventure friendly – Music, Running trackers, GPS/Compass integration works
  6. Fits my wrist. comfortable and looks decent
  7. Hackable
  8. Works with Android – I have listed the apps below


Also Pebble was reduced $99 from its $125 launch price. So I got it. I really like watches. I have quite a few of them. But I never used to wear one on a regular day. Now I do. I have been wearing pebble since the day I got. I wear it almost all the time. I am very happy with it. If you are looking for an affordable, hackable smart watch, pebble is a good choice.

Below I have listed some of the apps that makes pebble really useful. If you think I should try any other app, please comment. I am ready to experiment.

Independent Pebble Apps – That I use and love

  1. 7-Min Workout Personal guide through the high-intensity 7 minute workout as featured in the New York Times.
  2. Google Authenticator two-factor authentication codes right from your Pebble! Perfect for use with the most popular two-factor authentication systems, including GMail, Dropbox, LastPass, Amazon Web Services, and many more. There are quite a few other options here, like pebble-authenticator, PebbleAuth, pTOTP. Last two have the source code availabe on GitHub.
  3. Pebblets: Multi Function Tool – A collection of common tools for your Pebble Smartwatch all contained within one app.Available on the Pebble App Store.
  4. GoPro by Pebble (Free): Control your GoPro HERO from your watch.
  5. Morpheuz (Free): A sleep tracking app, that also has a Smart Alarm, to try and wake you at just the right time, plus a Power Nap function.
  6. Music control app, Alarms are built into it. I use the same.

Android Apps that I use with Pebble and love

  1. Pushover makes it easy to get real-time notifications on your Android device (and hence Pebble), iPhone, iPad, and Desktop. Specially useful if you connect it to IFFT.
  2. AeroTracker Pro is a free watch app for Pebble that lets you track your movements using your Android phones GPS. AeroTrackerPro has full Pebble support. You can view everything you need on your wrist. Time, average or current speed/pace, split time, split speed/pace, elevation or heart rate. Everything is configurable from the Pebble app, even when you’re already in the middle of your run.

Other Apps I am planning to explore

  1. PebbleBike is a GPS cycle computer for your Pebble smart watch. It uses your phone’s GPS to send speed, distance and altitude data to your Pebble. You can also see your track directly on your Pebble.Pebble Bike has a Live Tracking function that sends your position every 30 seconds to the internet.
  2. Catapult for Pebble is an Android application that makes it super simple to launch apps and watchfaces on your Pebble using your phone.
  3. Pebble Connect provides an API and an IFTTT channel to push notifications to your Pebble smart watch.
  4. On11 is an activity tracker app that can monitor your physical activity 24 × 7. It tells you how much time you spent on sitting, walking, jogging, and sleeping. It also works as a pedometer just like normal activity trackers do.
  5. This watchapp displays data from your NetAtmo® modules.
  6. Glympse is an ETA & location sharing app that let’s you safely share your location with someone in real time or see where some one else is. Android app and pebble app.
  7. Music Boss For Pebble From selecting the right media app to media and volume control, Music Boss has you covered. Take a couple of minutes to get a sense of how Music Boss can enhance your Pebble Music Experience on Android.
  8. Pebble TaskWatch do-it-yourself app for fine-tuning your watchfaces through Tasker
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