Lab 1 - Data Finding

Created Saturday 15 November 2014 - Lab Home

This is a data expedition lab. In this lab we will explore all the possibilities to get or generate the data required for the story. Some of the example sources are given below. But we could get help from other participants as well. The data could be very well structured CSV file or a set of news paper articles. The purpose is to get all the possible data available that might be required for a story.

  • Government of India -
  • Websites of Various Departments like Finance, Parliament of India etc
  • State or Local Government websites
  • Organizations like RBI, Election Commission
  • Private but Open Organizations like
  • Not for Profit Sector - UN, OpenStreetMaps, Data{Meet}, KLP, IndiaWaterPortal, OpenBangalore
  • RTI - Right to Information
  • Running your own Surveys or Polls
  • For a huge list of data sources curated by community is available at Data{Meet} data catalog