Lab 6 - Maps

Created Monday 17 November 2014 - Lab Home

I have complete MapClass101 course available online. If you like to learn basics of geography and maps, I suggest you to go there and learn. This lab looks at the readily available, web based tools that can be used to create, embed or export the maps.

  • Simple points on the map
  • Simple tracks on the map
  • Choropleth maps
  • Map based stories
  • Time and Map based stories

Sample Exercise Questions

  • Map the road under works, under TenderSure
  • Map the POIs of sex crimes in Bangalore
  • Map the Election results of BBMP
  • Make a story of Baapu's Dandi March

Example Data Sets for Lab


Google Map Engine

  • Create and share custom Google Maps
  • Add Layers with POI, Paths, Areas etc
  • Import Shape Files, KML, CSV etc
  • Export Layers as KML
  • Options for Google Maps based various base Maps


  • Import data from CSV, json, shapefiles
  • Do data/geographic analysis
  • Create visualizations easily
  • Embed it on your website


  • A simple way for journalists, designers,and creators to weave interactive stories
  • POI based story-lines
  • Slides, Scrolls and Time based flows
  • Customizable Theme
  • Host the html on your own server or embed


  • Elegant timelines with POIs on maps
  • Edit the template Google Spreadsheet with time, media and location
  • Embed it on your website


Other Tools

  • GeoJSON.IO - Create and Edit GeoJSONs easily and export it to various other formats like KML, TopoJSON, Shape Files etc
  • OGRE - Covert between various geographic file formats like KML, TopoJSON, Shape Files etc to GeoJSON
  • GeoJSONLint - Validate and View your GeoJSON files