Lab 8 - Sharing Data

Created Monday 24 November 2014 - Lab Home

At the end of this lab we should be able to share the data you have analyzed along with the story. You will learn to identify the best format and host that can be used to share the data with the community.

  • Formats for sharing (Open Formats and Standards)
  • Add license to data (Community friendly), dealt in detail in Lab 7 - Data Copyright and Licenses
  • Upload data to web
  • Share/Embed

Sample Exercise Questions

  • Upload and share the raw data you have used in the story along with the story.


  • Open and worlds biggest data store
  • Allows you to choose license, add information, tagging etc
  • Efficient ways to download


  • Just web editing is possible
  • Versions
  • You can add license and README very easily
  • Renders CSVs, GeoJSONs etc


Other Tools

  • - Upload PDFs and share easily. Its an Open Source application. Organizations can host for their own use.