Blood Donation Log

92023-10-02Podar International School Bengaluru Kalkere. Lion's ClubGroup of five folks this time. Sandeep made personal calls to assemble a group. Great effort.
82023-06-29BMST, BangaloreGL Sandeep and his friend joined this time. We plan to do it together.
72023-02-06Malleshwaram Voluntary Blood BankNothing special. I was in Malleshwara ICICI Bank for some work. Instead of waiting there I went to blood donation van. Rested a bit and then went back to Bank.
62022-10-25BMST, BangaloreNothing special. Felt good.
52022-07-04Bangalore Baptist HospitalAbhidyu is going through an operation.
42021-12-03BMST, BangaloreNothing special. Felt good. It was quick as well.
32021-08-30BMST, BangaloreNothing special. Felt good.
22021-04-29BMST, BangaloreNothing special. Felt good. Since it was COVID19, I was scared to go to the blood bank (crowd). But I was surprised at how well it was managed. Also it was almost empty.
12011-10-04Narayana HrudayalayaMy first blood donation. Feels good :). Manju came along with me.
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