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GeoJSON and WordPress

I have been using maps inside WordPress using Maps Maker Pro. You can see all my major road trips were mapped using that. I like it so much that I paid for it. But recently, I have been thinking about moving map content outside WordPress and maybe using WordPress only to display. Then came the question of how and where to store GIS content.

Mumbai Again

This is my second visit to Mumbai this year. I spent a week with a fantastic team who are always game to go out and do nothing or everything. I love pictures from the street. That’s how I mostly love to explore a city. That’s what I did this time too.

BuzzWomen is Ten

I met Uthara during my sabbatical break in 2010. We instantly became friends, and today we are more of siblings than friends. I have been working with her in one form since then. In 2012, she started BuzzWomen. An idea in 2012, it’s a decade old and is a movement.