Support our Pincode Project by Receiving a Postcard :)

All of you know that for a while we have worked on solving the mystery of pincode. Our hackpad has some great information. One of the exercise we wanted to conduct was to send postcards, track them and measure time. We got busy with organizing ODC and other stuff so we couldn't do it.

Personally I like sending postcards and mapping postboxes. Specially when I am travelling. So my upcoming road trip across India seems like an ideal opportunity to do this.

I have plan of sending roughly 200 postcards from across India. It could be to anywhere with in India, from places like Hyd to Leh to Jaipur. So if you are interested in getting a post card and sharing a little information then fill the form below.

Pincode - Postcard Registration Form


Pincode - Postcard Response Form

Its always nice to get pictures back




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