What and Why?

BOINC_Logo_customI am a big believer in Science. I believe it can have a positive impact on all lives. Specially if they are humanitarian projects. I like to support them in all possible ways. The most simple and cheap way to contribute is to donate some CPU cycles. I can choose to do it all the time or when I take a break or when I am doing a lighter job on my *super cool* computer. I donate CPU cycles to the project I believe using BOINC.

All I had to do was to download a simple and secure program. The program can detect when my computer is idle. Then it it requests work from Grid's server, performs computations and sends the results back. I don't have to do anything and it's completely safe! Also, the program's settings may easily be changed to suit my need. I run it on all my systems including some old android phones. You can download the app for android from play store. You can check the detailed FAQ if you have questions on BOINC on Android.


I have chosen the following projects to contribute to

World Community Grid

World Community Grid is making public grid technology available humanitarian research that might otherwise not be completed due to the high cost of the computer infrastructure. As part of their commitment to advancing human welfare, all results are in the public domain.

Join our team

We have a team on WCG called thejeshgn-web (most uninspiring, it was just me in the beginning). Now we have five team members. Together we have contributed more than an years worth of computation time. Join us.

WCGDate of JoinTotal Run Time (y:d:h:m:s)Twitter/Web
Mahesh Malanad2/02/20120:025:10:19:23@malenadiga

The Citizen Science Grid

The Citizen Science Grid is run by Travis Desell, an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at the University of North Dakota. It is hosted by UND's Computational Research Center and Information Technology Systems and Services. The Citizen Science Grid is dedicated to supporting a wide range of research and educational projects using volunteer computing and citizen science,

Moo! Wrapper

Moo! Wrapper brings together BOINC volunteer computing network resources and the projects. It allows a BOINC Client to participate in the RC5 challenges.



  • Short term - Contribute 2 months worth of cpu time to WCG by the end of 2011. DONE.
  • Long term - Contribute 1 year worth of cpu time to WCG. DONE.
  • Long term - Contribute 5 year worth of cpu time to WCG as a team.

You can find combined stats of all the BOINC stats at BOINC Stats.

BOINC - All Combined

  1. 17/Aug/2015 - 105,359.27 points, Rank 522,049/3,281,720 in world and 1,151/9,816 in India.
  2. 05/Jan/2016 - 141,853.00 points, Rank 448,520/3,468,067 in world and 957/16,476 in India.

WCG - Stats

  1. 7/Aug/2011:I earned 33097 points (#225085) and 78 results (#17922) by donating over 7 days (#413824) of cpu time to WCG
  2. 4/Sep/2012:I earned 665,114 points (#81,836) and 1,203 results (#91,624) by donating over 140 days (#166,813) of cpu time to WCG
  3. 17/Aug/2015: I earned 737,504 (#114,141) and 1,442 results (#116,288) by donating over 204 days (#164,988) of cpu time to WCG
  4. 17/Jan/2015: I earned 790,859 points (#112,145) and 1,625 results (#31467) by donating over 272 days (#141275) of cpu time to WCG
  5. 25/Jul/2016: Together as team we have earned 1,282,474 (#11,351) and 2,608 (#11,470) results by donating over 1 year 127 days (#12,783) of cpu time to WCG

Last updated on Aug 30, 2016 @ 3:17 PM

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