Communal Incidents

This is a public database of reported incidents of hate crimes that have happened following the communalization of COVID-19 in India. These include incidents of physical violence, vandalism, hate speech, religious segregation, medical negligence on communal grounds, denial of public services, state-backed discrimination and communal deaths. 

We would like to acknowledge that the actual number of incidents may be higher, owing to underreporting and under-filing of police cases.

This database seeks to chronicle how all kinds of minorities are further marginalized by the rhetoric surrounding COVID-19 in India. To that end, we are also working on collating COVID-related casteist and racist hate crimes.

The database is maintained voluntarily by Stuti (incoming PhD student at the University of Cambridge), Aamir (Media Practitioner), Ananya (Student Volunteer) and Thejesh GN (Public Interest Technologist). We are grateful for the support from Roadscholarz, a group of freelance scholars and student volunteers interested in action-oriented research, socio-economic rights and related issues.

  • 1. Yellow: Communal Violence (physical assault, vandalism, break in)
  • 2. Magenta: Communal Tension (Threats issued, preventing public access, hate speech)
  • 3. Blue: Racist Tension (Hate speech based on racialization)
  • 4. LawnGreen: Caste Violence (physical assault, vandalism, break in)
  • 5. SandyBrown: Casteist Tension (Threats issued, preventing public access, hate speech)
  • 6. Red: Communal Death/Suicide (Death as an outcome of communalism)
  • 7. Cyan: Police/State Violence and Hate Speech (Unlawful arrest; communalized Corona allegation by gov)
Date Location State Victims Incident Incident Details Source Category
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