Idly Dose Vada Coffee Price Survey

This is my survey of Idly Dose Vada Coffee Prices across darshinis in Bangalore. Idea is to collect the data over time across Bangalore for fun and analysis.


It uses Kobo toolbox for collection and hence you need a free account for submission.

Multiple submissions are okay. Here is the web submission form that you can use both online and offline. If you have the KoboCollect app installed then you can download the form and use it. Here is the project page on Kobo.

Live Charts

Showing data from current year.


  • Data is licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL)
  • The data is available in JSON format and SQLite format.

Each document looks like this

    "id": "20df46da-637a-47ae-8f57-de4ac38e30dc",
    "key": "20df46da-637a-47ae-8f57-de4ac38e30dc",
        "_id": "20df46da-637a-47ae-8f57-de4ac38e30dc",
        "_rev": "3-b81deb73a91c71b5d4eea17b32d33a89",
        "type": "data",
        "name_of_restaurant": "Sagar Fast Food",
        "idly_two": 30,
        "masala_dosa": 50,
        "vada": 30,
        "regular_coffee": null,
        "mini_coffee": 13,
        "ac": "no",
        "lat": "12.9306728",
        "lng": "77.6228462",
        "submission_time": "2022-05-29T14:43:06.00+05:30",
        "submitted_by": "thejeshgn"


We generate stats every time we update the data.

  • current_stats has the current year's stats. Its also visualized as a live stats graph above.
  • stats_2023 has the stats for year 2023
  • stats_2022 has the stats for year 2022

Example stats document looks like this

    "_id": "current_stats",
    "_rev": "14-3c42ff02bada049bb4a6c129b066b248",
    "type": "stat",
    "last_updated_on": "2024-02-26T10:29:27.529232+05:30",
        "max": 65.0,
        "min": 30.0,
        "mean": 40.75,
        "median": 34.0,
        "mode": 30.0,
        "sd": 16.6
        "max": 160.0,
        "min": 60.0,
        "mean": 95.0,
        "median": 80.0,
        "mode": 60.0,
        "sd": 47.26
        "max": 55.0,
        "min": 25.0,
        "mean": 34.67,
        "median": 32.5,
        "mode": 25.0,
        "sd": 11.25
        "max": 40.0,
        "min": 12.0,
        "mean": 18.14,
        "median": 14.0,
        "mode": 12.0,
        "sd": 10.01


The code and data is on Github thejeshgn/idvc.

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