Modern Application Development – II

Nitin Chandrachoodan and I teach the Modern Application Development course at IITM as part of the BSc Degree program. In part two of this course, Nitin handles theory, and I run all the lab parts. Here are the screen-casts from my sessions. You will need a computer with some tools installed (mentioned in the screen-casts) if you want to work along with me. I have a separate page for Modern Application Development 1, in case you were looking for that.

1JavaScript - Basic Calculator- Basic Javascript00:23:58
2JavaScript - GUI Calculator00:14:08
3Introduction to VueJS00:41:11
4Components in VueJS00:26:53
5VueJS Lifecycle00:14:46
6JavaScript - Async and Await00:24:41
7JavaScript - Fetch API00:22:24
8VueJS - API calls00:18:31
9VueJS - Routing00:15:56
10State management using Vuex00:27:38
11Single File Components and Vue-CLI00:29:08
12Flask API - Token Based Authentication00:31:06
13How to integrate Vue with Flask? - Part I00:19:08
14How to integrate Vue with Flask? - Part II00:30:21
15Introduction to Redis00:11:09
16How to use Celery workers with Flask?00:58:19
17Server Sent Events00:56:14
18How to use Webhooks?00:30:47
19Performance Measurement and Caching00:40:20
20CORS and Cookies0:55:53
21How To - Send emails?0:26:59
22How to - Generate PDF reports from HTML?0:12:43
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