YAP – Yet Another Podcast

Whats it about?
YAP – is Yet Another Podcast is a weekly podcast about technology. The discussion topic can vary from brain fsck, web to opening coffee machines. In our first three episode we have had AWS, EEE PC, Google App Engine, Semantic web etc. It can span anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.

Veetrag and Geo had a long time dream of starting a podcast. Recently Topa jockingly mentioned about starting a podcast to Veetrag. They pulled Geo to create pilot episode of YAP. I joined them starting second episode. First two episode had lot of @infy related content so they are limited to @infy. From the third episode we decided go internet.
YAP recording
Picture taken by WesleyNeo while recording of 3rd episode. Topa, Geo, Veetrag and Thej (me) from left to right.

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