Feedburner Feedflare for Twitter

Most of the bloggers use Feedburner to distribute the feeds and also use Twitter to communicate with their readers. How about adding a message at the end of your feed so your feed readers can follow you on Twitter. Check my feed on Google Reader. It shows "Follow Thej on Twitter" link on every post. The email subscribtion also carries this link.

I have created a Feedburner Feedflare to do the same. The url of the feedburner feedflare would be

Mine would be

Then login to your Feedburner account and go to optimize

Go to FeedFlare and then enter your url. Click on "Add New FeedFlare". If it gives any error try again. It should work.

Then select the fleedflare and click on save at the end of the page.

You are DONE. Now the link should appear in your feed. There might be delay in appearing as the feed readers may not pick it up. But it will surely appear once a new post appears in your feed.

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