Petition Visveswaraiah Technological University to use Free Software

13. Suraj Kumar, Bangalore, India.

14. Vijay Kumar, Chennai, India.

15. Prashanth Mohan, Second year CSE student of CEG, Anna University, Chennai.

16.P.Sujeevan,Project leader, S2S2, Kerala .Here at kerala at school level more than 50 of schools are still using GNU/Linux.Also SSLC IT practical examination has successfully done under the linux operating system.Some schools are still using the Linux terminal server systems.Next year aggressive work is planning to implement complete linux environment in schools.

17.S.Varun, studying at MIT Chrompet, Chennai, India.

18. Joe Steeve, Chennai, India. Free Software is a _must_ at Educational Institutions. When reputed institutions like yours acknowledge Free Software, other institutions would take you are a role model and follow. Academia should support and promote the idea of co-operation between the research community and the student community. This way., they can enable free sharing of ideas and hence contribute to the growth of science and technology.

19. Raman Krishnan, BE Final Year CSE, CEG, Anna University,Chennai, India.

20. Krishnakumar G [2], Bangalore, India

21. Syed Mazhar Mahdi, Bangalore, India

22. Toji Leon.

23. Suraj Kumar Nair, Palo Alto, California, USA

24. Raghu Kodali, Bangalore, India

25. Shishir Alva, Toronto Canada. Former student of VTU. March 13 2005

26. Vasudevan Thrikkazhippurath, Bangalore - INDIA

27. Fajar Priyanto, from Indonesia. Why spend money on things that have their superior substitution? I support this campaign wholly. Pls visit my linux website at

28. Dong Calmada, Philippines. Vice-President of Philippine Linux Users Group (circa 1994). Free/Open Source Software is a solution for developing/underdeveloped countries to level the playing field internationally.

29. Bejoy Abraham Mathews, Trivandrum, Kerala, India. Network Engineer (GNU/Linux) at a company called US Technology. Even though I'm not a student I would love to support this movement for all the students willing to learn Free Software. I have struggled the time that I wanted to learn this great concept but there was no one to guide me. God make this great thing happen in Bangalore. I've started a group site for the people from Qatar(Gulf). If anyone is willing they could join in and pool in their knowledge.

30. Nesmel Hussain E&C Engr - _ If u can Open your minds so y not the Source ! _

31.Niteen kole Sr.system administrator ,I think it is one of the best option to go for linux,we have full network with five servers all working on linux ,with clients also working on linux,they are normal office people,we use open office ,mails,printers ....... every thing is going fine for last seven years with minimum down time.

32. Sunil Mohan Adapa, Hyderabad. Alumnus of IIIT - Hyderabad. Cost is just a small factor compared to the other factors like freedom. If students use a proprietary software, they can only learn just that - to *use* a software. Where as students using a free software have the freedom to learn the internals and modify the software for their own needs. Let us just take an example. Operating systems is one of the main courses in any curriculum. Let us say, a student gets and idea for a new scheduling algorithm and he wants to try and implement it. If the world were to be filled with proprietary software, he will have to write an entire OS to test his own scheduler. But in case of free software, he can take one of the free kernels (Linux, Herd, BSD etc.) and add his own scheduler. To learn, there is no choice but to use free software.

33. Arjun Jain CSE Engineer, RV College of Engineering - The amount of FOSS we had in our syllabus (5th sem ncurses graphics editor, 7th sem networking) and the freedom to choose the platform in the other projects like Data base project where we could chose b/w MySQL and Oracle was amazing. It was helped us a lot and now that we are doing our internship in the real industry, we realize how much important it was. I request you to increase the FOSS content instead to decreasing it!

34. Seow Yoke May, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


36.A. Chiremba Zimbabwe. I have not used Open/Free Source software but I anticipate to use it very soon. The workshops I have attended hosted by ITDG Africa have been an eye-opener.

37. Ramanraj. K. Chennai

Using Free Software and open standards is rather a very elementary basic need for Institutions in pursuit of knowledge. Non free software have serious artificial blocks that prevent understanding and learning. In fact, it is anti-social and immoral to be teaching or exposing students to non-free software.

The free software philosophy is even bringing in a sea of change, openness and honesty in the way curriculums are designed, research output is generated and published. It would be a very backward and retrograde step to even think of prescribing the use of non-free software in educational institutions. Please rectify the mistake as soon as possible, by rejecting non-free software, allowing full access to knowledge, skill and learning through free software.

38. Rahula Sharma, Programmer, India

39. Shashank Ashtikar, Team Leader, Pune, India

Free Software is very necessary in schools and colleges since free software facilitates students to study and understand the software, rather than just be the end users of the software without knowing its underlying implementation details. With free access to source code and ability to modify and share the source code students can learn how software works, test their theories by making changes to the software, distribute and redistribute the modified software within peers and spread the knowledge This will help students in becoming far more knowledgeable.

40. Pradeep Kumar N, Student Programmer, RVCE, Bangalore Free software is essential for us. It helps curb piracy some extent... Consider our needs.

41.Hitesh K Maisheri, Govt. Engg. College, Thrissur. We have been using GNU/Linux in our college labs for quite some time now. There are many students (including me) who are reaping the benefits in their career with this initial set up of GNU/Linux at college. GNU/Linux combination is real great. It offers you many advantages and no disadvantages at all. FLOSS (FOSS) both movements are here to live longest. Cheers for all these movements !!

42. This is the right way to go!!! Gaurav, RVCE

43. Go India Go!!! Ajay Soni

44.Sandep Garg, Student Programmer, RVCE, Bangalore

45. India can win software race only with free software DHarmendra Gupta

46.Banwari Lal Sharma (Software Developer, Bhopal) -- Yes It should be done. After all Open Source/FLOSS is the Community which can diminish the MONOPOLY of organizations such as Microsoft. They are sucking the world in terms of License Fee and other Fees.

47. Shakthi Kannan, Software Engineer, Specsoft, Hexaware Technologies, Chennai ( The industry has been using GNU/Linux for a long time. By bringing it to the academia on a large-scale it will help them and the industry in research and development. I strongly support the cause.

48.Vinay.V (Friend and ex-classmate of Thejesh at BTL Institute of Technology, Bangalore)Villingen, Germany

49. Baishampayan Ghose Student, Shivaji University, Maharashtra

I completely / whole-heartedly support this campaign. I have used GNU/Linux and OpenOffice whenever possible during my college. This helped me a lot when I got a job as a Embedded Systems Programmer at Siemens, Bangalore, which is using linux in many of its projects.

Currently VTU is letting the students select the software required for any particular subject. But this is not enough. The problem is that not much of the teaching fraternity in VTU know about available FLOSS tools. I would request VTU to direct their colleges to train their faculties in FLOSS tools.

50. Vinay Yadav, CTO, vinayRas Infotech, Nagpur ( Linux is the best solution for our country. Govt should come forward to support this. Education should not be bounded by any boundary - It should be Open.

51. Keshav V, 6th semister CS Student VTU. recomendation of FLOSS in syllabus will definitely reduce the investment in software in colleges. Also the freely available source code makes the students to understand how practically the theoretical concepts are implemented, let it be memory management in OS or 3D transformation of graphics object in a graphics package.

52. Gabin Kattukaran, General Manager, Mechelonic Engineers Pvt Ltd, Bombay I think software lincensing issues are relevant to everyone from Universities to Colleges to Students to Corporates just as they are to Individuals. In a time when India is striving to become a IT Major, it would be extremely unwise to be locked down to closed source solutions that force us to wear blinkers and see the world only as the mega-corporates of the USA want us to. This is especially true for students in their formative years when the limitations imposed on them will shackle them down for the rest of their careers.

53. Vaibhav Prakash, post-graduate dept. of Space Sciences, Pune. any software should be free(as in freedom).One should have all the rights to change the software according to his needs. free Software is like Science, Einstien didn't pay Newton when he modified the laws according to the modern needs!!!

54. Thanikachalam Ananthakrishnan, Mumbai. Software should be *free* (free as in free speech). It has ample advantages. More references from

55.Chetan Anand,CSE,RVCE."The Future is OPEN" - so goes a catchline of a worldwide software major which is now pioneering efforts in making FOSS popular as well as the adoption of FOSS as an industry wide standard.VTU, with its Vision 2020 outlined very clearly, now has to take the lead in becoming the first University in India to adopt,encourage and proactively support the Free Software Revolution,which will be an unparalleled pioneering step.

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